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May 30, 2009
The Argentine Embassy were unable to help me with this so hoping someone in here will be able to give some guidance.

I am married to an Argentine who is living there now.

Hi to everyone, I have just found this place and thought might be able to share some of my knowledge of Argentina with others, as well as get some tips myself :)

I am looking to move Ireland to Buenos Aires and am an experienced and qualified IT technician. I have had a couple of telephone interviews already with major companies over there, but I cannot find out if it is possible to start application for the following from Ireland :-

Social Number

I have copies of the passport, birth cert and police reference all verified. I know I can probably do this in the consulate in Bs As, but would like to know what, if anything I can do here. It is a bit chicken and egg (can't get job without papers, can't get papers till I get there).

Any help gratefully received.
I got a job in Argentina from abroad long before I had a DNI. My employer was my sponsor and arranged the visa. Why can't you do the same?
Probally because there are plenty of Argentinian IT specialist who can do the same job. I assume as well that some Argentinians are also trying to move back
This page, from the Argentine Embassy in London (I can't find the website for the Embassy in Dublin - maybe you will have better luck) sets out the requirements for an application for an indefinite visa from someone who is married to an Argentine citizen. ingles/information/indefinitevisa.html

I imagine that the process will be similar in all EU countries - anyway, I hope that gives you something to go on.
As you are married to an Argentine, getting residency should be no problem. After you are granted residency you will apply for your DNI and the CUIT/CUIL.

You probably won't need to do anything at the consulate in BA. You will apply for the residency at the office of migraciones.

If you were married outside of Argentina, be sure to have a certified copy of the marriage license (if not the original) that also has the seal of the Apostille.

You wrote that your birth certificate and police report are verified. It isn't clear what that means. If Ireland is a member of the Hague they require the seal of the Apostille. All of your documents will need to be translated and legalized here (easy, fast, and not expensive). Passports do not require the Apostille, but must be translated unless the personal information is also in Spanish.

Legally, you should have the CUIT before starting work in Argentina. The biggest delay in the process right now is getting the DNI, but others have posted that a "well connected" immigration "attorney" can speed things up.
steveinbsas said:
Legally, you should have the CUIT before starting work in Argentina. The biggest delay in the process right now is getting the DNI.

You can get your CUIL* before the DNI so you can work right away.

Dageeza, get certified (or verified?) copies of all the relevant documents, get them "apostilized" and then come over. Your residency & CUIL should be relevatively quick. If everything is in order you should have residency & CUIL in about a month - 6 weeks without using any magic service.
What kind of IT work do you do?

*it's either a CUIL or a CUIT, I don't remember which one or what the difference is.
Cant you apply for the Argentinian citizenship in your own home country?
BlahBlah said:
Cant you apply for the Argentinian citizenship in your own home country?

I believe you must live in Argentina for some time before you can apply for citizenship even if you are married to an Argentine. Two years as a perm resident I believe. Unless this has changed recently.
The London embassy website is well worth a look, even if you are not British. I'm not sure applying for citizenship is relevant here - if one is married to an Argentine national, what's being offered is permanent residency. My understanding is that permanent residency gives one the right to work, etc etc etc. Going back to the link I gave earlier, reading through the page it's quite clear that the application for permanent residency can be made through the London embassy - indeed elsewhere on the site, still in the Consular Services section (but ICBA to find it again) it quite clearly states that if you are married in Argentina, in order to apply for permanent residency you must exit the country and apply from outside.

The information from the London embassy is quite clearly not limited to UK citizens - indeed it mentions the other documents you will need to supply to the embassy if you are not a UK citizen. I would suggest that if the OP can't get any sense out of the Dublin embassy he approaches the London Embassy.

I accept that there are lots of different ways of getting legal and that what's required may change from day to day and place to place and even from official to official but the OP is currently in Europe, has a bona fide reason for the application and should be able to get things sorted out from there.