Would anyone be interested in a fiction writers group?


Jan 12, 2009
Meet once or twice a month in a bar/cafe, read over each other's stuff, offer critiques and so on.

Perhaps we could have one monthly meeting based on a theme and the other one a sort of free for all.

Any other short story writers/budding novelists out there?
Actually I´ve been thinking about doing some creative writing. Also my colleague does creative writing. We would be up for meeting at the end of the month.
OK, that sounds good. Once we get a few more names, we could set a time and place and decide what we're going to do. I'd like to throw it open to everyone, all ages, all levels of proficiency.
I'm interested too! Some others were talking about trying to form a group before the holidays but it fell through. I'm free most weekday evenings and can be flexible on the weekends.
That's good Katie. Numbers are growing! Once we get a firm 5-6, we can discuss details.
hmmm I have been itchy to do some creative writing as well. I'm extremely busy with work though so realisticly I don't know if I can keep to a schedule, but I'll keep on eye on this thread
Hi - I would be interested. I need a kick start to short story writing. Only been in town for a couple of days and fairly busy setting myself up, but let me know if/when happening.

Incidentally anybody know of any writing courses in Buenos Aires?


OK, OK, I want in, too! I'm fairly busy with everything as well but I think this is something I need and could really benefit from, as well as enjoy. I like the idea, esllou, about having it topic based for a few and then an open one, as things that are too "open" might drive m crazy until I get back into the groove of writing. Please keep me updated, thanks.