Wow talk about honesty....


"criswkh" said:
So last night, my friend who is visiting from the states left her purse, with passport, at the Mexican restaurant. Five blocks later the waiter return the purse. He was running the whole time to get to us. She was shocked. Everything was there. Good food and nice people.
Thanks for sharing your experience, criswkh, and to all of those who post positive experiences like these.


I recently I bought a number of paintings and drawings by an obscure Argentine artist that I found in storage in crawl spaces and upper floors above a "gallery" in San Telmo that had lost it's lease when the building was sold out form under them (they had been there for almost twenty years and were given two months to clear out.). They had recently purchased the works of the painter from her nephew, but didn't have time to sell many of the paintings individually before losing their lease. The owner told me that if they found any more works by the artist (Carlota Malamfant) that they would give them to me at no additional cost. On each of my next few visits to their local, they handed me well over a dozen folders and sketchbooks full of drawings, and three boxes full of drawings and watercolors that were apparently Malamfant's "personal" collection, including portraits of her parents and friends, her sketchbooks from the Escuela Bellas Artes, and a remarkable group of oils painted in the 1930's. I never would have known any different if they hadn't offered me a single additional sketch!
I am now in the process of selecting a group of paintings and drawings from the "collection" for a non-commercial exhibit in 2009, hopefully at the Centro Cutural Recoleta. Anyone who is interested can see a few of Malamfant's works can do so at In my opinion, she was too good a painter not to be remembered. You can also see some of the other paintings which I found in the crawl spaces and upper floors of the building in the blog: photography does not do any of the artworks justice.