Yoga Classes in BA?


Mar 10, 2009
Can someone please recommend where to take good yoga courses and how much it costs. Thanks! :)

PS. I'm headed to BA next week and I'd like to pick up yoga again over there. In the states I was taking 1 hour Vinyasa classes, pretty intense.
there is a place in palermo hollywood that is fairly priced ( 100 ps x month , twice a week) Im starting next week so ill be able to tell u if its good or not....
I'd like to start up yoga again too, probably not such an advanced class though! :)

Looking forward to your review of the yoga place in Palermo Hollywood!
ok girls, ill go either tomorrow or tuesday so wait for my reviews :)
there are some fab vinyasa flow and iyengar yoga classes in palermo (and san telmo). i think it's 30 pesos a class and there's an option for an unlimited monthly, but i can't remember the price. but you can check on their website for more info...
hey ladies. I teach Ashtanga yoga classes in Almagro. Near Abasto shopping. Ashtanga is an active workout. It's a form of vinyasa. And the basis of Power Yoga. The class is in English. First class is free. check out the schedule at let me know if you have any questions.
Are any of you ladies up for taking a class with either BuenaOnda Yoga or Fluid Movement this week? I'm hoping to sign up for a yoga class or two this week and it would be great to meet some of you there! Maybe we could do one class at BuenaOnda then another at Fluid Movement?

Vo: Did you ever make it to the place in Palermo Hollywood? Just wondering how the class was.
I highly recommend Thuy's classes. She's great and the classes are challenging (but you can modify if you need to - it is not a competitive atmosphere). In fact, many of the classmates have become friends and go out together outside of class.
Bikram yoga is finally opening in Palermo, Av las Heras 3454
phone 1569780614
Tom and I go all the time in Seattle and we're very happy to have it in BA now.
Hi everyone. I just recently moved to BA and I'm happily teaching yoga classes here. I'm teaching in Barrio Norte, just blocks from Recoleta. Classes are in English and I provide the yoga mats. Have a look at my website Get in touch with me if you have any questions.

15 5179 1871
[email protected]