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    Lovely Kitten needs a home

    Wow i hadnt checked this cos i think a family is taking my lovely kitty. First of all - the cat was found on the street by someone who just couldnt look after her. Me and my argentina boyfriend adopted her cos she had no-where else to go and we didnt want her to have to go to the botanic gardens...
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    Lovely Kitten needs a home

    Hi everyone! I have a beautiful 8 month cat called Pistaccio that is in need of a good permanent home. She was given to us as a rescue cat but since we are leaving for the UK she needs a home, as it is far to expensive to bring her with us. She is extremely playful and affectionate and is the...
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    An argentinian with a few questions

    Hi! This is an interesting question. The 'first world' as you call it is not all its made up to be. Just cos you live in a super rich country doesn't make you super rich. It's all relative. Cost of living is so high there, that the quality of life isn't better. Yes in the UK we have free...
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    Recipe blog

    I have developed another blog in english only
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    Taking pets to the UK?

    Also the British embassy will just tell you to look at the website. Sorry to be blunt but this is a very expensive and time consuming process. You also need 6 months, not just a few, for the rabies tests - it is basically a quarantine with you in your home instead of the old system where all...
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    Taking pets to the UK?

    Be careful! It is completely different bringing an animal to argentina than bringing one to the UK! The UK has very strict rules, due its being an island with no rabies whatsoever. You have to go with BRITISH AIRWAYS only. I have had various quotes for my cat and the cheapest was £1500. You...
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    The hospital britanicco is rubbish, I have had some really bad experiences there, so I definitly do NOT recommend it.
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    Beautiful kitty

    Hi all I have a beautiful kitty of 7 months old. She was found on the street at less than 2 months old and since no-one could take her, me and my partner adopted her. However, we are moving to England in a few months and cannot take her due to costs. She is really loving and quite a character...
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    Looking for good homes for dogs and cats.

    HI! On that note i have a lovely kitty for adoption - she is just too expensive to take to the UK with us. She was originally dumped by some people when she was a kitten on the street and we took her in and raised her. She needs a really good home where people can play and pet her! email me...
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    Recipe blog

    Hi all Since I dont have time to give cookery classes anymore I have started a blog for easy and cheap meals. They should all be really tasty and have sprung from the low budget student lifestyle that I have whilst never settling for low quality food! Some recipes are in spanish and some are...
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    Special date ideas

    Also, i think 300 is loads when you live on a extremely tight budget! Sorry its not v fair to make a comment like that I feel - i might not be rich but it doesnt stop me wanting to have a special night!
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    Special date ideas

    This looks amazing thanks! My prob is that i can cook almost anything and so i was looking for a good setting for it. I have a three course v fancy meal planned but its just not the same in our little flat!
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    HI! It's 20 pesos an hour and I would be free on some evenings and weekends yes. I have no idea when you posted that though. The best is to contact me through email
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    Special date ideas

    HI everyone! I am trying to plan a v special date for my fiance and was wondering if anyone had any ideas for something (i can only spend up to 300 pesos). Or if anyone has a beautiful space we could use for a dinner (i could pay a bit) so I could cook? Any suggestions would be really helpful...
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    Anyone applied for a spouse visa to the UK?

    Hi Yes you have to look at the home office website and there are all the details. They send the application to an office in New York, and its true that they dont really help with the application. All the info you need is online however. There are a few documents needed and you need to pay...