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    It's Too Expensive Here!

    I lived on Clay St., between Polk and Larkin in San Fran. for MANY years. When I moved in mid June of 2003, the rent was increased from US$353.09 to US$1,400.00. Yes, the landllord painted the 60 sq ft apartment.
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    Does Sube Balance Expire

    Are Sube cards accepted by American airlines? The balance on my card is $5,475.
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    U.s. Embassy Event Report

    Yesterday the U.S. Embassy (Argentina branch) held an event at the Hard Rock Cafe in Recoleta. It was held between 530 and 830. Since I didn't arrive until 7 15, can't attest to what took place before I got there. There were about 150 people in a very attractive room. Most of the men (not I)...
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    Is It Legal/proper To Have A Plagpole?

    A "Pragpole?" I'm going to have to ask Esteban.
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    Us Embassy To Host Happy Hour Meet Up Tomorrow @ Hard Rock C

    Let's go after Coffee Chat. Questions about voting? You've got to tbe kidding ! Give me a 'D". give me a
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    Algarve, Portugal Looking Better All The Time

    I get emails from Kathleen Peddicord on an almost daily basis. I think her organization is Live and Invest Overseas or something like that.She promotes retirement to places like, Panama, Medellin, Belize and sponsors seminars in the U.S. Currently, she's pushing the Algrave in Portugal I've been...
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    Anybody Attended These Frinking Meet-Ups ?

    I've been going a TEGOBA (the English group of Buenos Aires) for quite some time.While Coffee Chat is almost all expats, this group is mostly locals with expats. Johnie Walker is a regular, as are other BAexpat folk. We meet on Friday nights from 8-10 at Fame auto servicio restaurant at Cabildo...
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    Coffee Chat Tuesday 31 May 1600-1900(4-7Pm) Starbucks

    I have been attending Coffee Chats for 25 years, more or less. I can honestly say that last week's gathering was the best ! It might have been better if Jan Tango was there. Will she make another rare appearance? We can only hope.
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    Going To Arte Ba, This Weekend ?

    Be prepared for a big disappointment I went, yesterday. IMHO, it was horrible.
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    French Food Lovers Take Note

    Today and tomorrow there is a French Market at the Hipodromo on el Libertador in Palermo. Many of BA's French restaurants are being represented. Why would the French and the Mexicans have similar happenings on the same day (saturday)? That's a great question.
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    What'$ Happening In Bueno$ Aire$ ?

    Not too long ago, I was under the impression that everything was coming up roses with the BA economy. Didn't we read on this forum that someone said that the exchange rate would be $20. to US$1.00. Yesterday, I got $14.20 to US$1.00 Inflation is 40%. Mayb the name of this country should be...
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    Moving To Ba Soon From Lebanon

    Why did you decide to move to BA? I would think that speaking fluent Spanish would be a requirement for almost any job. Do you speak fluent Spanish?
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    Some Questions For Planned Move To Ba Later This Year

    I would doubt very much if someone could live in BA on an English teacher's salary. I read,a few days ago, that inflation, here is running at 40%,a year !!! As everything gets more expensive,many people won't consider learning English as a top priority. Back to the drawing board.
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    The Typical Mistake, Monday ,09 May 1600(4Pm) 94,7Fm Mexico

    $$$$$$1, Bring the Mexican food to Coffee Chat ,tomorrow. Surely, the folks at Star *ucks will heat it up.. Or you could heat it under the outside heaters.
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    Credit Cards

    What about foreign transaction fees?