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    Raymond or other hairdresser recommendation?

    Hi Raymond. Do you travel to the Palermo Hollywood area? Do you do highlights with papers or foils? I have only mananged to get good highlights with the cap but this method is uncomfortable and pulls my hair too much. Thanks!
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    Summary - Best Stylish Places For Hair, Cut And Colour

    I have not tried anybody on the above list but did see a negative thread about ROHO here, just do a search for "highlights". I have long, wavy, brown to light brown hair with blonode highlights and I just can't seem to get good highlights using the paper or foil method which I prefer. The...
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    My friend is selling his two houses in Uruguay if anybody is interested....

    For sale by owner, no agency fees. Tomorrow I will post more pictures and info. PM me if interested. Thanks!
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    Can Tourists Take Out US Dollars in Uruguay?

    What is the daily limit? Does it matter what US bank you have? What are the fee's for withdrawing and using the ATM machine?
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    Flete recommendation?

    Thank you, I am going to need one this weekend! :)
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    disposal of batteries/recycling

    Bump! I have a whole bunch to dispose of and no idea where.
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    Looking for a Maid

    Thanks, I really appreciate it!
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    Looking for a Maid

    Hello, Can anybody here recommend a maid for me? Mine got pregnant and left. I need somebody 2 x week, 5 hours each time. I speak Spanish and my husband is Argentine so this is not a problem. Thank you!;)
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    Any Recent Luck with ATM Limit

    Has anybody had any luck recently taking out more than 1,000 pesos from an ATM the Colegiales/Belgrano/Palermo areas? Thanks!
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    ATM Limits and Best Banks. LOST

    As of this date I am paying 16.50 pesos for every ATM withdrawal. I have a PayPal debit card account and a BBT checking account. I also noticed the other day I could only withdraw 1,000 pesos from the ATM but my daily limit with my bank is 400 USD. I know this varies day by day and machine by...
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    Alterations Seamstress Tailor

    Anybody have any recs for the Belgrano/Palermo area? Also, what about good coblers in this area? I also need somebody who can make curtains.
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    Anybody need a housekeeper? Mine is looking for more clients....

    Hello... I wanted to add she does not speak any English so it's probably best if you speak Spanish or have somebody in the house who does. Yes, I leave her alone in the house with her set of keys if I need to go somewhere.
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    Anybody need a housekeeper? Mine is looking for more clients....

    Thank you elhombresinnombre. I have lived here 13 years and as far as I know what I posted is the going rate these days.
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    Launch of new juice bar in Palermo

    Sounds great. Good luck. Will you be serving wheat grass as well?