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    Newbie ? Can I Get Dollars Out Of My Us Acct While In Ba

    Ditto on the "no". You are best off hopping over to Colonia to get your dollars out and then, when you need argentine pesos, sell them to a cueva at the blue rate.
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    United's Petsafe Program

    Has anyone had any recent experiences with United's Petsafe program? I'm moving back to the States with my two cats in July. Technically, the idea is for me to fly home alone and have my husband send me the cats a few days later through Petsafe. But I've read conflicting information about...
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    More USD restrictions

    Bingo. You hit the nail right on the head.
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    Buenos Aires is not the Only City in Argentina!

    I lived in Córdoba Capital (Nueva Córdoba, to be exact) for two years and honestly couldn't wait to leave. The city is plain old ugly, it can get extremely hot and very humid (contrary to popular belief), the dining and shopping options are quite limited, and no matter where you go, you cannot...
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    Buy Chilean pesos for trip?

    The other logical option would be to just buy Chilean pesos with your Argentine pesos once you arrive in Chile. You'll probably get peanuts but it is the easiest way to go. I'd see what the AR-CL exchange rate is, do the math and compare before running around town to buy blue dollars.
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    Do you wear a diamond engagement ring?

    Personally, I wouldn't walk around wearing a diamond engagement ring here. Just too risky. I have a white gold wedding band, which I think is a great way to go here, since most people think it is just silver.
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    ATM in Uruguay for dollars

    What kind of rate are we talking about?
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    ATM in Uruguay for dollars

    FYI - Rumor has it that for the last two weeks, people have only been able to withdraw a maximum of USD$200 a pop at BROU ATMs, meaning they have to spend a lot more in transaction fees than before.
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    where to purchase mace or pepper spray?

    Ooh, the pepper spray ring is pretty snazzy. Dangerously stylish.
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    IVA- When do I have to pay and when am I being scammed?

    Exactly. They are taking you for a ride. If you make a transfer or deposit into their account, they have to pay AFIP the corresponding IVA. They obviously don't want to do so. If they aren't paying IVA, then you shouldn't be either.
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    Sweet dog needs a home ASAP!

    UPDATE: Anuka still needs a home! If one can't be found for her by Tuesday, she'll have to go to a shelter :(
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    Sweet dog needs a home ASAP!

    just bumping this thread back up.
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    Sweet dog needs a home ASAP!

    She sure is!!
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    Sweet dog needs a home ASAP!

    Fellow BAExpat member, Terrie Orr (aka BAHAirdresser) is in desperate need of a home for a dog that she's been fostering for the past week. Anuka was found in Plaza Las Heras a couple weeks ago and Terrie was kind enough to take her in. However, Terrie will be traveling and needs to find a new...
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    Need dollars? I can help.

    Well, the exchange would be discreet and obviously I'd bring under the 10k limit, but you have a point. My intention was to suggest a public area so both parties would feel safe. I have no problem meeting up somewhere else. Those details can be worked out.