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    So Much For The Sanctity Of Institutions

    Vamos Macri! Vanoli should find himself in prison where he perhaps "slips and falls in the shower" and ends up succumbing to internal bleeding. He would be the first corrupt Argentine politico with inner ear issues.
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    What Will We Argue About With Cfk Gone??!

    CALLATE! That lady is probably the hottest First Lady in Argentina's history. And you will respect that!! You can complain about Macri all you won't (not really), but lay off the FLILF!
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    What Will We Argue About With Cfk Gone??!

    We sure did a shitty job of keeping CFK honest. Not sure if we've improved any since earlier in the week.
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    Presidential Transition

    I might be very clumsy one day when touring the Casa Rosada and/or accidentally bump an elderly tourist while we're the bust room My balance isn't what it used to be.
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    Polo In Palermo, Anyone?

    I learned a lot of the rules of polo from sitting next to Citygirl back in ~2009 or 2010. She explained things and was patient with my questions.
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    Generally How Much Is Your Electricity Bill

    I would think that ~US$2-US$2.50/mo is a little low for electricity. Who wouldn't be willing to pay US$10/mo and NO BLACKOUTS? This government has thrown more money away over the last 12 1/2 years than some countries see in 30 years.
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    Presidential Transition

    Sacrifices by the new government will need to be made.
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    Line F Is Coming!

    They were held up by the chorra whore in the Casa Rosada who refused to cosign on the loans needed to finance these projects, the political allies of said puta viejita who sued to keep the Subte prices ridiculously low which cost the city 10s of millions of dollars, and the unions aligned with...
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    Scottish Coup D'etat Begins

    You've got to make friends with a local. Every time a group of us go out to my friend's farm 3 hours from here, they slaughter a sheep the night before or the morning of. 1 2 3
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    Fish & Chips Anyone...??

    Went to Chipper my first time ever on Tuesday evening. I'm not British/Irish, so I didn't grow up with Fish & Chips as a staple, but I really liked it. I tried a fried fish taco (they have a new Taco Tuesday menu) and then had an order similar to the photo above. The artesenal cerveza they...
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    Bravo Argentina

    Cases don't mean much if you are an opposition politician. Just as my former sister-in-law brings bullshit cases against my brother about every month in either the Family Court (where he loses immediately in any hearing in front of the associate Judge and the main judge and only has a shot at...
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    Feliz Día De La Primavera!

    Happy Spring Day everyone. Like most years, it is a rainy day in BA on Spring Day. But it's also Students' Day (kind of a one day Spring Break), where all the students skip school, get drunk, gather in the park, and often break bottles all over the place. It's also a day when men are...
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    Advice Re Layover At Dfw

    I did not know this. Thanks for clearing this up. Having been born in the U.S., it's not something I've ever had to deal with. But being an somewhat anal giver of travel advice, this is something that I'm definitely glad to be corrected on. Gracias. Yes, Texas has been brutal the past...
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    The New Head Of Banco Nacion

    The has enough experience to be considered for an internship on the corporate side of Banco de la Nacion. Then, after 3 months, if she shows that she is competent, then perhaps she could be hired full time and place into a JUNIOR client relations job.
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    Racism Towards People From The States?

    Don't know if it has been mentioned yet, but being from the U.S. is not a "race". "Prejudice" against people from the U.S. That is all, now back to your regularly scheduled whining.