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    Watching The World Cup?

    And my advice ?? Try to find people to associate with who know about football - that doesnt rule out all your fellow countrymen/women - just most of them :P Also ask any Argentine to explain the 'no handball rule' to you in case they have forgotten (again). :lol: Have I missed out any other...
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    Teaching English In Ba

    Yes I'd certainly recommend CELTA. Whereabouts are you doing the course may I enquire? but I'd certainly not endorse a choice of Buenos Aires at the moment as a place to teach EFL professionally other than if you have other compelling reasons to be here :) and preferably this compelling...
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    Why No Window Screens?

    Garlic yes works to a point also ?light coloured clothing apparently but that has never worked for me. It must be my blood group or skin type but I always seem to be the first to be attacked and how! :angry: Seriously I'm...
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    Is It Better To Be Fired Or To Quit?

    This is alleging "creative dismissal" by the employer which has recognition in some jurisdictions. Ask an Employment Lawyer on recommendation. In any case preferably there needs to be a "paper trail" of evidence to substantiate your position/actions particularly if you are unlikely to get...
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    Falklands In Light Of Crimea Rhetoric

    Hasnt that just happened? Alive and well. In return for a US deserter? Never underestimate the power of the unexpected to confound Now lets give thought to the range of possibilities when it comes to the South Atlantic - personally I wouldnt entirely discount any of the following.... 1...
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    Recomend A Vet In Ba? (Moving Cat To Uk Help)

    Anyone flying to UK has to give prior declaration of special accompanying luggage which is then sent onto UK customs. Is the suggestion being made that it is easier to bring across the cat in a car without declaration i.e smuggle past customs? This is UK Customs advice Live animals – Pet...
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    Viva La Republica End The Monarchy...?? Spain

    I dont totally understand this comment but I'd be interested to learn from the thoughts of the Emperor on the subject of perpetuation of the Monarchy
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    Viva La Republica End The Monarchy...?? Spain

    Spain has had a strong democratic undercurrent for many years and at least since the 1530 Revolt of the Comuneros in Castile y Leon and the Revolt of the Brotherhoods in Valencia at the same time which almost saw off Charles V (a usurper and arguably protoEUite!!). Part of their grievances...
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    Electricity Shortcuts

    So likely to be overtime and overbudget - but hey that happens elsewhere. Good to remember Cristina's words in 2011 that ........“Argentine scientists have never used their neurons to destroy the lives of other beings. We are peaceful people, good people,” Fernández de Kirchner ...
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    Question For Washing Machine Experts ???

    What you propose only Ok if a clear gap at end of outlet pipe and not submerged in water. Otherwise a real risk of back siphoning - flooding and filling drum with foul. Best practice is to route outlet pipe in a loop. Any washing machine pump can cope with this. Can flush out machine with...
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    Tartan Day Parade

    The new Scottish Embassy will provide sponsorship next year :lol:
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    Which Buenos Aires Building First On Your List To Go?

    My favourite for demolition - possibly to provide a suitable site for the new Scottish Embassy later this year
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    Fleeing Buenos Aires

    No moral judgement. Trying to get a court order to recover rent is not easy in most places. Like with most things in Argentina even more so. And then trying to enforce in a foreign country? Seems unlikely. Time to go.
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    Why Do People Bother To Put Stuff Up On Here?

    nice thing is that one can return and.or dip in and out and still see mostly all the old faces and some new ones banging on about whatever all with some connection to BsAs at some time or other so good stuff from time to time surfaces just like mushrooms do but then there are all the lurkers...