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    Budgeting for raising two children in a small pueblo

    No chance on earth this guy is a 'troll.' I agree that Fiscal is sort of a dummy, but almost everyone I know makes enough money to fork over $4k/month to their girlfriend to raise some kids (if they have any), so that's no evidence at all. The money is less important than keeping her happy, as...
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    Beatnik Buenos Aires honors its artists to a fault

    I've bought a pre-release copy and I guess it has just shipped. I'll maybe post something here about my impressions.
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    Requesting US residency for Argentine parent

    You'll file in Argentina - traveling to the US on a tourist visa with the intent to adjust status is considered to be visa fraud, and can result in denial of your application and a ban from the US. The lawyer you talked to is right that it can be done, but you never know what sort notes...
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    Shipping to USA question

    You can drive your stuff to Chile and ship out of Valparaiso or San Antonio.
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    Argentine Transportation Minister Dies Driving National Route 7 to Junín.

    A tough blow. Probably the only minister in the entire government that was trustworthy, competent, and had a vision worth backing.
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    Beatnik Buenos Aires honors its artists to a fault

    Given how important knowing something about Argentina is to understanding works by Argentine artists, I'm not sure I trust an African living in Chicago to provide much in the way of value in terms of a review of a work like that, but thanks for the notice, definitely worth a look.
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    Uruguayan President seizes Pfizer vaccines Argentine neglected

    ^ Took Sinovac first then got first dose of Pfizer? Pou saw a perfect opportunity to consolidate his position at the expense of both Argentina's reputation (already not great in Uruguay, as we all know) and the leftist elements in his own country that he can tie to Kirshnerism-style governance...
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    Alberto Fernandez positive for COVID

    If I were Fernandez, I'd worry more about a mysterious bout of thalium poisoning than I would about Covid-19.
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    Anybody trying to fly out to get vaccinated and then return?

    On vaccination here in America - people here in California who didn't want to wait have been rolling to other states to get vaccinated. In New Orleans you can just walk into the convention center and be vaccinated without any wait or fuss about residency. It's incredible. We're almost there...
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    Alberto Fernandez positive for COVID

    Apparently Sputnik is a solid vaccine, but if it turns out the Russians faked the studies, would anyone be surprised? That said, none of the vaccines offer 100% protection against contracting Covid-19 either because of insufficient immune response and/or some variant. But all the big vaccines...
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    Why I am not planning on taking the vaccine any time soon, if ever

    Why do you not believe that these vaccines (especially the mRNA ones) won't produce very long term protection?
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    Challenging Gender Stereotypes and Machismo in Argentina

    Those are transexuals? I'm very surprised.
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    The Hidden History of Black Argentina

    Oof, no creo que hay una pronunciación de una manera u otra en lo que concierne la desaparición de los africanos argentinos.
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    DNU 70/2017 abolished!

    When Bolivia sends its people, they're not sending their best . . .
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    DNU 70/2017 abolished!

    So, the government can no longer deport criminals and the borders are completely open? It's hard to see why this a good turn. Only the poor economy and better options elsewhere will keep people from flooding in.