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    Vanishing Starbucks

    Starbucks is closing shops down in underperforming areas. They closed something like 150 in the US last year, including a 24h bonkers busy one on Powell Street in SF, near the cable car turnaround. It seems that higher minimum wages and escalating rents are hitting their bottom line in certain...
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    Global Cost of Living Index for 2020

    Order results by purchasing power, only 2 non-US cities (both Swiss) are in the top 25. Basically, it might be more expensive in the US, but the salaries relative to that cost are the best in the world. The top 10 (all American) has such outsized purchasing power, even relative to high costs...
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    How to apply for DNI without formal rental

    So he'll be dodging migraciones for a year+ and stuck in Argentina until the citizenship comes through. Not great, but there are worse fates. Dr. Rubilar, can you weigh in?
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    How to apply for DNI without formal rental

    According to Dr. Rubilar's information, Roberto could claim a residence start date in a few ways, possibly from the very first day he landed. Of course, admission as a tourist when he was doing his runs may be taken as affirmative confirmation that he's not a resident, but Dr. Rubilar has...
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    How to apply for DNI without formal rental

    You can apply directly for citizenship?
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    Greatest Hits: Ba Expat Characters And Incidents

    Old thread, but pretty good. Seems like this forum has really slowed down over the years (or maybe the city has). I think if I ever met SteveinBA, I'd struggle not to call him "the hermit of the Pampas" lol.
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    Rentista Visa From Rents Collected in 2019

    ^ This is a very good question that could be determinative for almost all expats on whether or not to naturalize.
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    Mega-project approved by Chamber of Deputies

    Obviously, this development is not pleasing to me. However, it's consistent with my pet theory that Fernandez will make moves to sideline Cristina, and govern as a technocrat. Hopefully, the taxes are quickly revealed to be majorly harmful, and then rescinded.
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    There we go again

    Why don't you ring one of these agricultural cooperatives and ask their opinion on the increased export tariffs? Even if a given farm or cooperative does not export, by design the government's plan will increase the volume of farm products coming to the domestic market, with the effect of...
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    There we go again

    On the issue of export tariffs. This was predicted by anyone watching. In fact, even I predicted this multiple times over the past year on this very board as something everyone should expect, down to the percentage. I'm surprised that the beef tariff is under 10%, but hopefully this augers...
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    Western Union money transfer

    Just tried the western union scam and it's down to ~71 pesos to the USD with no bonus for walk-in/pick-up. $9 transfer fee on my $1000 transaction. Still better than what you'd get on the street, but not as great as those eye popping 78/79 pesos/dollar rates of a month ago.
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    Evo Morales is in Argentina... Breaking news!!!

    I'm serious, it would be really cool to have Evo join the friend circle, have dinner with him once in a while, chat about events, etc.
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    Evo Morales is in Argentina... Breaking news!!!

    Actually, it would be pretty neat if Evo became a porteño and you ran into him at shops and asados and gallery openings. I'd for sure invite him around, I bet he has some great stories.
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    Quality of life declining?

    Well, as I write this I'm sitting in my office directly off Union Square, and I can assure you that the smell is just fine and there's nobody soiling the streets. You might be thinking of the TL or the Civic Center, but Union Square is still tidy and brimming with tourists.