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    Cracks Surface in Argentina’s Ruling Coalition as Crisis Deepens

    People trace the decline of Argentina to the first military coup, the export replacement plans of the 1920s-1940s, the concentration of wealth, the great depression's effect on international trade, all sorts. But the single greatest factor was Juan Peron.
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    Vegans in Violent Incident Protest with Slaughterhouse Workers

    At a certain point, the logical end of this sort of argument is to advocate for the managed extinction of the entire human race. Animals eat each other, aside from gravity, water, carbon, oxygen, light, and a few other things, it's the basic fact of our planet.
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    Any Google Fi Users?

    I'm not so sure that google cares that much. I have a friend who got google fi and moved to Canada and used it on a daily basis for like 2 years so far no problems at all.
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    Looking to get pepperoni, italian sausage for my pizza.

    It's a very dark future we're looking at, imported food-wise. I've been to Cuba several times, and have to reservations about declaring it to be possibly worst food on earth. A generation of privation due to the embargo + communism has ruined must once have been a great cuisine. We're talking...
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    The Secrets to Thriving in Argentina.....

    In addition to the above, I'd say: (1) Walk everywhere - there's no better way to learn the place; (2) Have something to do every day - a class, a lunch date, some sort of work, you need a purpose, otherwise you'll never put down roots; (3) Travel the country - Argentina's smaller cities/towns...
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    Erotic act in chamber of deputies session

    Makes a lot of sense that they had this guy resign - the last thing they want is a bunch of journalists focused on him, and possibly digging around.
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    Why this huge discrepancy in ARS exchange rates?

    At one point under Macri, the blue market had completely disappeared, as the peso was a normal currency. So, it's not inevitable that this disconnect exists. Amazing that it's now at 164 to the dollar. Real estate must be booming.
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    Sbarro New York Pizza is coming to Buenos Aires.

    I'm generally a fairly ferocious opponent of chains - especially US chains - entering the BA food market, but given the pizza landscape in BA, I can actually sort of get behind Sbarro.
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    Joe Biden on the Falklands conflict, 1982

    Wow. Very impressive.
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    I got my citizenship after 6 years

    A god given right to complain.
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    Looking to get pepperoni, italian sausage for my pizza.

    You can try getting in touch with these guys to see if you can purchase some of theirs:
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    The Argentinian consulate in Lima gave me some sort of residency

    While we all complain about the ad hoc and improvisational nature of much of law enforcement in Argentina, it's heartening when it works in your favor. I can only imagine the relief you feel after being stuck in Lima for 4-5 months.
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    teleworking bill

    Like the passengers on the titanic voting to abolish maritime law.
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    For those of you without a full time job, what do you all do in Argentina?

    I'm in your demographic range, but don't live full time in BA. I'm there three months a year, working remotely. In BA I'm eating around, boozing, mastering Spanish (or what the Argentines like to call Spanish), sinking into maker/artisan culture, walking a lot. I'm super into architecture and...
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    CARES payments for US citizens lost cause if you are in Argentina?

    By all accounts, another $1200 is if the offing. All parties agree, legislation may be passed by Friday, and at any rate the Treasury Secretary said to expect payments starting in August.