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    Recommend a book

    The Japanese is complete psycho or steady hallucinogen user. Talking "Shipo-man" at vacation resort, memories about skinning alive "brave Japanese officers" by cruel Mongols during WWII, etc. I've read 3 of his "timepieces", JFC...:(
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    Raising the debt ceiling

    Is this is fine English humor? Today, over 16 TRILLION in taxpayer dollars in bailouts and loans have been agreed to by Congress, the Bush and Obama Treasury Departments, and the out-of-control Fed. ... trying to insert great-looking bumper sticker, image banned by...
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    Turkey bombs Kurdish rebels

    [Average American enthusiastically standing with bright light in patriotic eyes before dlp tv with mainstream channels... democratic flags and banners covering background] [H.Stern with H. Clinton singing together "Stars and stripes" in background] Well, very soon, UN will go after Turkey Feds...
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    Imported Good Shops Practically Out of Business!!

    I'd wonder which country could fit their expectation in South America and keep thinking (just out of academical curiosity) how Vietnamese auto retailers surviving today ...:confused:
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    Poverty in the USA Just How Bad?????

    " " What a Grand BS, Dear. Footing? I am living in close proximity with those, almost 10 years, while you visiting the US on occasion. Our prospective are different, as one pretty Ana once said. Those fellows do live in packs, so "subsidized" communities are rejecting such dormitories. They are...
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    Is It Time to Bail Out of the US?

    Its pretty much on-going process. I don't see any Chinese so unhappy though. My opinion is that Chinese elite is just as "hardworking" one, as the global elite that running USA as a consumer for their products "made in China". What I don't understand is why Japan still bying the US debt...
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    dedicated to redrum

    Can't say any better. It is pretty well known scheme of using known figures or characters to cover-up current "dealing". Sonsabitches at their best.
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    Should Obama be impeached?

    So the rest of the stupid assholes who enthusiastically planted this Kenya-born individual into Da'Hill's office are just as smart. The "grand schemes" here is the key factor. What kind of capitalism were before those 2 "bright individuals"? Barry Soetoro or Joe Shmoe in Da'Hill's office will...
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    The end of Obama's socialism

    People of the World! Lets stop spreading "Super Grandioso BS" about "socialist Obama" and his "vicious commie agenda" crap. How many times it needs to be explained to ppl that in socialism FEDS are tax-ate and provide all the CARE for their citizens OUT of the taxes. Citizens are not forced to...
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    Death of Peronismo? We can only hope.

    Well, scientists, that driving their intellectually sophisticated crap behind Monsanto and/or DuPont genetic research lab doors are not going to vote in any different way than farmer in Iowa. The same thing is for educated Argentineans. Education has nothing to do in this case bc in each country...
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    Solar energy in Argentina

    I think it would be reasonable to begin with Argentina's temperature fluctuation mapping, wind, humidity and all the related. Thats what I'd do. I've checked solar power potential for some other Nordic country and its away too expensive. Even seasonal water heating for indoor use, forget the...
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    Gay Marriage Passes in Arg Senate

    Well, this is how Mother Nature takes care of some scrap material. I guess tsunami or "black death" from its tool belt will no longer apply. Something a bit more intelligent is in play for termination of some human waste. I am almost afraid that soon enough some egg-headed psycho will...
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    Gay Marriage Passes in Arg Senate

    Sure, pull it. The quote was about biblical warnings against sodomy. Could you pull something to proof opposite biblical sentence? Like to welcoming sodomy? Or in respect for any homosexual practices, activities? I have no pride for Christianity, I am from simple bio-survival. Homosexuals are...
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    Can't believe I carry an Arizona driver's licence

    Every state has to impose exact the same statue or Law to stop this bullshit. Look how many US citizens are in unemployment lines. Are they all drugatics, idiots, lazy asses? Look around (if you live in USA) - its freaking disaster. And what Feds are doing? They are making sure that "gates" are...
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    Can't believe I carry an Arizona driver's licence

    The key-phrase in here is: "... I found the following in one of your posts on a different thread". Do not mix different threads, even if they related by subject. The link is to proof that there is big deal about severe damage that illegals do to US Border Patrol with numerous cases of attempted...