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    Pay Overstay Fee At Colonia Express Terminal?

    Can it be done? I asked the lady at the ticket office and she said yes but one can never be too sure in Argentina... And how much time should I allow for it? Is it necessary to show up excessively early? Thanks in advance.
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    What To Charge To Translate A Webpage?

    Thank you so much for the helpful comments!!
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    What To Charge To Translate A Webpage?

    Hey all, I've been asked to translate a webpage from Spanish into English. It's been sent to me in code and because of that, I won't be able to get an accurate word count, but it's about 1000 lines. I'm estimating it will probably take me about 6 or 7 hours. I don't have a lot of...
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    Uba Spanish Classes

    From my understanding, CUI used to be a separate institution but was absorbed into UBA, or something like that. Anyway I don't think they're two separate things. I'm taking classes there now.
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    Tefl Test

    I am going to have to disagree with Nick. I have an English Lit degree and was always a grammar nerd in school, but I found my TEFL course to be invaluable in terms of learning teaching methodology. With enough practice, I suppose, anyone can "get the hang of" anything, but being able to do...
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    One Year Later: 10 Things About Ba That Now Seem Normal

    have you tried Toddy's yet? My Argentine friends were singing the praises of this "new cookie", so I went and bought them and realized... They're pretty much Chips Ahoy. No complaints, I love Chips Ahoy!
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    US Presidential & VP Debates

    Sugar Bar, I'm in. Be there or be... Mitt Romney (get it? )
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    Looking for beer lovers and homebrewers

    haha... I thought the same when I joined this site 3 months ago. People tend to use this site to b*tch a lot. I suppose everybody needs to vent cultural frustrations from time to time... My take on it is listen to the advice, and try not to let the negativity get to you!
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    HuffPo on CFK I thought this was an interesting quote: "We're the example that a country can vote for a president and the one who decides is this president."
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    What are they thinking?

    I actually got catcalled the other day for throwing something away in a garbage can. It went kind of like this... "Hey beautiful..." Me: (ignore as usual, continue to walk to the trashcan to throw something away) "Oh wow, and she throws her trash away too!? Wow..." Moral of the story...
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    Sunday Fundays?

    Any other Jets fans out there? I'm gonna try to make it tomorrow!
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    Argentine Politics for Dummies??

    I've only been here a few months and I'm the kind of person who likes to stay informed. I'm very interested in knowing what (the hell) is going on with Argentine politics. I've been trying to follow the news but find that I don't know a Peronist from a Kirchernite from a populist, and I can't...
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    9/11 Anniversary Tomorrow

    This is my second 9/11 abroad and I forgot how difficult it can be. In the States, and especially in NYC where I spent the last few years, people walk around weighed down heavily with the remembrance, and at the same time with that same great spirit of unity that brought us together after that...
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    Kill the gulls, Save the Whales??

    I should've named this thread: "100 Day Whale-Gull Action Plan" ... because that just sounds kind of badass.
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    Kill the gulls, Save the Whales?? anybody else seen this?