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    How Uruguay tamed the virus

    By having a population smaller than CABA spread out across an area 20 times larger. That's the simple reason. In similarly sized/dense areas in Argentina, the virus is also 'tamed'. Most provinces have been back to normalcy for more than a month. People don't seem to account for the fact that...
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    Safe Towns in Argentina with Inexpensive Private Schools

    This is Buenos Aires brain. Most cities outside of Buenos Aires are almost normal now except with face masks.
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    Areas of reform

    The idea that the 'middle class' in Argentina is poor is such a laugh. The middle class here are the top 20% minimum, very well off people who certainly should be made to pay their taxes.
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    Areas of reform

    The USA has the largest fiscal deficit in the world yet the gringos on here would never say that 'stunted its growth'.
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    You are allowed to go jogging in Mendoza and you have been for 2 weeks now, 1 hour per day.
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    Alberto and Guzmán's Negotiating Strategy

    As long as he's declaring his income, who cares? If he's following the laws, there's nothing hypocritical. Especially since this situation was caused by Macri, not him.
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    Will the Border be closed for the rest of the year?

    I expect there will be some way to get here. You may need to fly to Santiago (a hub, Buenos Aires is not so much) and take a bus. Buses will definitely be restored before planes. But you should wait until closer to the date.
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    For Coronavirus junkies

    This video is from a conspiracy theorist anti-vaccination channel who is of course a massive Trump supporter.
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    No commercial flights until September 1st

    Argentina has 10,000 intensive care beds with 10,000 respirators, but yeah interesting idea you had.
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    Call for a national protest against the release of prisoners "Fuentes judiciales ratificaron que el remisero dejó su celda en la Unidad N° 21 de Campana luego de siete meses de encierro el 12 de...
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    No commercial flights until September 1st

    It's incredible that you see no correlation between this and the measures taken. 1 million cases in the USA says it all - you're always free to return home if you prefer that model.
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    OverStaying in argentina due to COVID-19

    This is specifically for people subject to the principle of non-refoulment in the refugee convention who cannot technically get refugee status but nonetheless face risks if sent home.
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    Call for a national protest against the release of prisoners

    There has not been a robbery in Almagro for years? Is this a serious statement? There are thousands of robberies in Almagro every year.
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    Call for a national protest against the release of prisoners

    Every country is doing this, prisons are huge possible vectors for mass infection. Ridiculous to complain when Argentina does exactly what other countries do, especially with the comparatively overcrowded prisons here.
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    No commercial flights until September 1st

    Good, let the airlines fail, once flights resume new airlines will take their place. Any 'bailouts' for them should instead go directly to their employees.