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    How to go to colonia!!!! A how to guide

    OOPs sorry. The cashier is to the right of the reservation counter!!!!!
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    How to go to colonia!!!! A how to guide

    I recedntly had to go to Colonia for my visa. It was a little confusing but would have been very easy had someone told me what I am going to tell u. Go to the Buque Bus Now here is the complicated part You need to wait in three lines to get ur...
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    Stay away from this apartment rental

    That is a damn good neighborhood. Right next to Coto!!!!!!! Very convenient. I have not had any problems getting my deposits back. Remember there are alot of vacancies and rents are too high. Seriously 1 bedrooms in Recoleta should be $500 U$D with some utilities included $550 with...
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    group spanish lessons on the weekend?

    I used that Rosetta Stone class myself before coming down. I was surprised at how much you pick up from it. I would recommend it.
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    Street Movie Sales

    I found a place where u can pick up new DVD's that are of alot better quality than the street vendors are selling. It is on Coronel Dias 2211 between Santa Fe and Las Heras. About two blocks north of Alto Palermo. The guy owns the magazine stand in front of the Sun Clinic.(prime real estate...
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    good spanish classes for beginner

    I have taken lessons from Karin for about almost three months. She is excellent. She is also going to start giving lessons for begginers and intermediate over the net. Not sure what she is charging for those better u talk to her urself. she also does one on one. And is going to combine one on...
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    Most Affordable Cell Phone Option

    How is this for an option. I am going to be in BsAs for a little over 3 months. Can I have a Porteno add me to their plan for only three months? I was thinking of having them add me to their plan then paying for my phone and theirs. Are plans for locals that much better? Would this be cost...
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    Argentinian Accent is it the best

    Look at him. You cannot possibly think that he is and Aussie, He is obvously an Argie that has lived in Australia. Just look at him!!!!!!!!!!!
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    world cup viewing for the english

    The Portenos will watch the games at home not in bars.
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    what does the "expat community" think about the Bicentenario?

    I hope they have hotdogs and fireworks!!! When we had our bicentenial we had hotdogs and fireworks
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    Japanese Art Festival in Av. de Mayo 575

    Konichiwa Tomoko, I will try ot make it but it will be hard Mike From Minato Ku, Hirro, Nakano, and Koenji
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    world cup viewing for the english

    Argentina will make it out of the round of 16 but will lose the next match. Then there will be riots and this city will burn!!!!!!!!!!!! Messi wil have 0 goals Teves 3 goals
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    world cup viewing for the english

    Argentina is not going to win anyway. Not with that "Fat Drunk Cokehead" running things. If u go to the Alamo don't tell them ur a Brit and make sure u tip!!
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    world cup viewing for the english

    Shoeless Joes Alamo Bar Uruguay 1175 / 77 (between Santa Fe Avenue and Arenales Street)
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    Inflation over the last few months and years

    Goucho Bob is correct here. I am sorry I did not explain it as well as he did. Steve I would be interested in seeing your numbers. Buy price out of pocket expenses for less than a year sales price. It sound like a good deal for you. Congrats. But 17% profit in less than a year with banks paying...