Abortion to become legal.....

The sexual education at primary and high schools is law since 2006 and the proyect was from CFK:

The budget for this topic was reduced in a 65% since Macri is President:

This is because people like Albino is in power now.

As I mention before, they tried to put religion as a mandatory subject at primary schools but the SC stoped it:
That is your perogative. Your command of the English language in written form is bothersome for me to read.....yet I do it.
The difference is that it takes years of dedication to learn to write properly while quoting properly takes 2 minutes maximum to lean it but in your case is a matter of lazyness.
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Today is International Day of Action for the Sexual Health of Women. There will be a city-wide pañuelazo with green scarves.

Tuesday, June 12 the National Campaign For Legal, Safe, and Free Abortion will hold an all-night vigil in front of Congress until the results of the June 13 vote by the lower house.


Abortion has always existed and will continue to exist, with or without the law. Women have a right to choose what to do with their own bodies. The time has come for safe, legal, and free abortions in ARGENTINA.

I had an abortion 30 years ago in Chicago. It was my decision at 40 years of age. Women in Argentina have been fighting for the right to safe abortions for more than 12 years.
I was there yesterday at Plaza Congreso to hear the women who started this movement 13 years ago. What impassioned speeches we heard from them! Next Monday, June 4, is another demonstration before the June 13 vote in Congress.

If Ireland could do it with 67% voting against the abortion ban, Argentina can pass legislation for legal, safe, and free abortions. No more lost lives because of clandestine abortions.