Abortion to become legal.....


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Wish I could be there...thanks for keeping us posted on these events and for fighting the good fight. It's way past time that Argentina changes these barbaric, outdated and misogynistic laws.
If your bus route goes past the national Congress, it was rerouted tonight since women are holding an all-night vigil before the vote is taken in the lower house on Wednesday.

The argument of whether or not the fetus has developed certain characteristics at certain points misses the fundamental point of the pro-choice argument. Which is that a woman should have the right to choose whether or not to be pregnant and the state should not at gunpoint force her to be pregnant should she not wish it.

Her choice and freedom take precedence over that of the dependent organism.
You mean the dependent CHILD.
I was listening to the disputados debate until 4:00 this morning when tvpublica transmission was interrupted. I just found news that the lower house approved the bill, and now the senate will debate this historic issue for the women of Argentina. This video shows the reaction by women in the street when the news was announced.