An Ex-Expat's Observations from the US


Recently retired from a comfortable life in Los Angeles & after much research it came down to BA or San Miguel de Allende, MX... neither of which I had ever visited. I opted for SMA, it's a smaller pond with lots of expats... but BA is still on the radar.

It's just over 2.5 months and the adjustment has been relatively easy. Have no car for the 1st time in my adult life & haven't missed it. Walking a lot, shopping & cooking healthy meals & volunteered to teach English at a local school 3 nights a week... also take Spanish classes 2X week. Unlike what I read on these posts, SMA is clean, architecturally beautiful, has great weather & virtually no crime.

Life here is quite comfortable on poco diniero. This is not meant to be a comparison, but rather sharing my experience living in a Spanish speaking city. For me... for now... this was the right choice.