any input on uruaguy?


Jul 19, 2007
Is Uruaguy a good place to think about for buying a home? Thoughts?
"PK" said:
Well thanks then. All you had to say was give me some input. If you really would like to help I was trying to see if it is a decent place for a second home. How does it compare to Argentina? Crime wise; cost wise. Expats welcomed or despised? Economy better/worse than argentina. Not looking at the coastal beach scene something on the interior.
Sorry for referring to you as a jerk.
First Uruguay and Argentina are way to big to be compared.
BA and San Salvador de Jujuy have nothing else in common then there flag. Same goes for Fray Bentos and Punta del Este.
Crime is most likely less a problem, Uru prolly cheaper, Welcomed, economy about the same

I lived in Uruguay a couple years back and LOVED it. Frankly, I would rather live there again than here. People are super-friendly, the way of life is more tranquilo and crime is relatively low (a lot safer than BA - that's for sure!). Montevideo is an amazing city (low-key but tons to offer), the coastal towns are amazing and the interior is peaceful and very picturesque.
Whereabouts in the interior were you thinking of buying property?
Better late than never.... I just returned from a trip to Colonia. What I noticed, immediately, was that it was quieter, cleaner, and slower paced. Step on the street and cars stop to allow you to cross.My girlfriend is Portenio. Her parents are Portenio. And both say that if they had to leave Argentina, they would move to Uruguay!