Any opinions on health insurance, Eurosalud and Hopital Italiano?

I am 65 years of age, I read someplace that it is impossible to get insurance in Argentina at my age. I have Medicare in the US, I guess I should continue paying, I might have to return to the US if I get sick. Anybody have any comments or suggestions regarding this matter.
Maybe you can get an travel insurance?
I would keep medicaid, it's probally a lot better then you can get anything in Argentina
You surely can be included in any "prepaga" as long as you meet the following criterium:
1) You will pay for the same plan, same services a higher fee. I can't remember if it kicks in at 60 or 65 onwards, I guess it's the same in the USA. This has been challenged by the government and the Defensa del Consumidor but as far as I know it still applies. It could change anyday, the current goverment's aim was and still is that all the population pay the same fee. This is obviously rejected by the prepagas. The future is bleak for the whole sector since being highly regulated right now, more than one will begin to lower costs in order to keep "some" profitability.
2) You will have to show that you lack what we call in Argentina "preexistencias", that means no physical terminal health problems (cancer, ) and as I am not an md I can't think of others, but any situation that requires medication, or medical assistance for ever. So to put in few words, you should be "healthy" to be accepted or you will challenge refusal of coverage once admitted.
3) O.S.D.E being an obra social and thus subsidized by the State (it pays no taxes) might have flexible conditions than others which are strictly private.
4) Bear in mind that if you choose Hospital Italiano, Britanico, Aleman etc, you will only have medical assistance at that specified hospital with those specified mds working at those hospitals, while many of the best specialty m.d s, surgeons, in Argentina have one specific hospital where they like to practise and won't switch to Italiano just because you belong to that plan. Thus, try to choose any prepaga that offers an "open" plan where you will have greater choices as to where you want to be hospitalized and by whom.

Hope this helps
Wouldn't it be better if you pick the hospital Italiano for the daily sicknesses but if you get really sick(surgery, cancer, stuff like that) to move back to the States?
I dont feel comfortable getting sick in Argentina and would always move back if I can still do it.
With the best prepagas, you will get a better health service than in the USA, believe me I went through both systems, Georgetown Hospital and Medicus here back home. It is not comparable, the queues, being taken care of most of the times when I got an appointment with the nurse, the M.D would only appear at the moment of delivering you a prescription, endless "'tramites", I could provide you 1000 more examples, my sister has had both her kids at Baptist Hospital, Miami and she is appalled by the service, lack of personal attention etc. Just think it in terms of numbers, around 80% of the american population belongs to a prepaga, in Argentina it scarcely reaches 15%, 20%, so you belong- let's put it bluntly- to an elite with elite services (same technology than the USA at best hospitals + personal attention from day one- no nurses). Not to disappoint whoever mentioned Italiano but you won't get the top notch technology over there, yes great great m.d.s. Most of the times you won't need that technology unless heart failures, strokes and so on.
I would never pick an Argentine hospital over an Dutch one, not even if I live 40 years in Argentina.
But I really do not have an choice because I will need the Dutch health plan, as it compulsory for Dutch people, so I can always decide between both worlds.
Your comments on Argentine hospitals Paul I found completely patronising.
Argentine hospitals in the main have excellent doctors and up to date care. Sure they dont have the fancy lights and all that superficiality but they have all the equipment needed in any emergency. They are also free to residents and non residents alike and treat you very well considering their difficult circumstances.
Any by the way Paul Argentina has had two nobel prize winners from the medical field .
Has Holland had any?
Holland has had 3 and do you really start an argument about the difference of level of research in Holland and Argentina?
Argentina has had only one eventhough they had 2 Argentinian-born nobel price winners