anyone have suggestions for a quick weekend get-away?


Jan 2, 2007
Am looking to make an escape from Capital tomorrow - I need a weekend away to decompress. Anyone have any recommendations for great places to go? Anyone know of any places to buy last minute vacations like the airlines offer in the US?
don't you know you are in a cage? :)
try colonia, or tandil
For an overnight, I would suggest Colonia. Stay at one of the little hotels downtown, not the big ones outside of town. But Colonia is tiny and not woth more than a day. If you haven't been, go to Montevideo the next day - it's like a very slow Buenos Aires. Charming, nice people and very cheap. Stay downtown. Hotels can be had for US$30-40/night.
A place that's close that makes you feel you're in the middle of Cordoba, a small colonial town with interesting history, a touch of gaucho life, a lovely park, antique art deco doors, old cafes, an appreciation for preservation....San Antonio de Areco.
Jump on a plane to Bariloche. Patagonia and the Lakes District in fall is pretty sweet. PM if you need more info.
Thanks all - have been to most of the places mentioned but always great to be reminded.

Soulskier - I will PM you - I couldn't get away last weekend b/c of work but am definitely going to make an effort to get to Bariloche before high season!