Argentina suspends beef exports for 30 days


That's completely moronic. The goofy "everything American is bad" attitude in South America is one of these great puzzles. Okay, so I'm an avid American beef-eater and I can tell you that here in California, the beef is amazing. But completely to one side of that, like, everything here is better than everything in most places in South America. And there's this repeated claim that America poisons their people, when our environmental and agricultural controls are 10x more strict than those anywhere in South America. It's crazy! People in Buenos Aires will happily explain to you how the country you're from - which they have never visited - has some terrible agricultural or whatever problem . . . while their country is doing stuff 5-10x worse.

Spare us. America is the single greatest force for positive social/environmental/whatever change in the world. There's not a lot of serious debate on that point.
So the measure of American greatness is that some stuff there is "better" than in South America? That's setting the bar pretty low.


I'm not saying I don't like US beef. It's good. What I'm saying is that beef is so cheap here why buy it thsne you go home. Eat all the other things that haven't made their way to Arg yet.


It is amazing the way the government is able to repeatedly hobble its few competitive sectors. You just have to shake your head sometimes.
Although I'm generally pro-Peronista, and mostly support the current F&F government, I must agree with you on this point. How much brains does it take to figure out that the frigorificos will just freeze the beef and wait out the 30-day ban? Hello?

I suspect it's because their supporters are angry over high meat prices, and they feel the need to be seen doing something. Midterms coming up, and all that, eh? So perhaps they know very well it will do no good, and yet...


Better just extend the ban and wait out the freezers. And then extend it again and again and ten years later you can finally remove the ban.
Just eat something else and stay clear of the disagreement.

There are so many other great things to eat besides beef. I know this is Argentina, but beef isn't even good for you in large amounts. That is what the science and research has concluded over the past few years.
Been in Arg for 3 years. I only eat beef when gathering with locals. Not a lot of meat consumed here.
I like beef, I really do, but I get sick of anything I eat too often.

Variety is definitely the spice of life.

Sticking with meats. There is a universe of non beef meats one can select from. And just about every one, in it's own way is just as tasty and satisfying as the rest.


IMO the biggest problem from this comes when they “unfreeze” exports.

Imagine you own a supermarket chain in Europe and you were expecting a shipment from
argentina to fill your freezers for the next months. Suddenly that order cannot be fulfilled due to some Argentine government whim that you cannot possibly fathom the logic of. You have to scramble to find an alternative or deal with angry customers, either way probably incurring additional costs.
Come next time your Argentine provider is offering you some prime cuts - but are you seriously going to take their offer after that experience or are you going to go with that nice reliable Brazilian or Paraguayan or Australian exporter instead? Without desperation then the only way your Argentine amigo might get your attention again is with bottom of the barrel pricing - meaning less revenue for them and less taxes for their country’s kitty.

This kind of Argentine government needs to understand that the rest of the world can, will and does move on without them. If you want to benefit from trade with the rest of the world and the dollars it brings, then you need to be competitive and not a constant pain in the ass.