ATM Cards.


May 26, 2006
Has any expat had a problem using thier ATM card in Argentina or put more accurately, been told they now have a new limit on it of only 350 pesos per day or 125.00$
I was informed by the security of the Central Bank of Argentina that all tourists coming into Argentina will have there ATM cards restricted to only 350 pesos per day.
Can anyone verify this? Has this happened to any other expat or tourist you may know?
Any one out there with a Citi Bank ATM card?
Joe Dennie
Expat living in Alta Gracia
This happens often. Try taking out 300 three times. That seems to work for me. Although when they last changes the limits all I could get was 100 three times.
Yes the same thing happens to me, I thought it was my bank, but apparently that is the limit
Dear friends,
welcome to the misery of cash withdrawal limits and rip offs. Please go to a well stiched thread:
"stop paying ATM killer fees"
on the Ex Pat life forum
hope it answers some of your questions

Update on the ATM situation....Don't know if its just me but I did make several complaints to my bank and they of course told me it was an Argentine Central Bank issue. ANYHOW....yesterday I inadvertently asked for 500 pesos and got it. I have plus system for withdrawls. Hope it wasn't just a fluke...
That is so weird b/c for the last 2 months $350 pesos seemed the max, but yesterday, I tried $600 and got it. It may be hit or miss at some ATMs.
I will be arriving in BA in October for 6 + months. What I read is that every time I would make a withdrawal I pay about 7% on the money. I think it would be better to arrive with cash to avoid the ripoff charges. I know there are safety concerns. is there a safe way to keep money? How about Traveler Cheques? I understand that $10,000 US is the max I can bring into the country. Any suggestions.
Muchos saludos, DQ
My wife and I had the same problem, but earlier this week I was able to take out $1000 pesos. Try BANQUE NATIONALE DE PARIS and use the VISA option.

Cheers - Dave
Good info....but again, $1,000 pesos is about US$320. The maximum amount per withdrawal seems to be a restriction of Visa Argentina....and not Mastercard Argentina...for now. I use a US based bank ATM (STAR system) card which is affiliated with Mastercard International. In BA I access my account via the LINK system. I have been making withdrawals at Banco Nacion for a daily maximum of US$500. On the screen I select CIRRUS. Next time I will try taking out US$600.