ATM Cards.


Hello. Yes, I have heard aboutn this problem with cash withdrawals. I have a Citibank ATM card and can get plenty out with it-however, I get charged foreign fees and thats another story. After withdrawing money, I call Citibank in USA and they usually take off the foreign fee charge when I have used a Citibank-and citibank has NO explanation as to why this keeps happening.


hotmama - do they give you any problems with refunding the foreign fees? I have a Citibank account & was debating what to do (bring in cash, open an account there with Citibank in South America, or just keep my US account & haggle about the fees)
And I've not had any problems taking large withdrawals when I'm there but I do have the Citi card. All my friends with me couldn't exceed the 300 peso limit.


Citygirl:I have not had a problem getting the "foreign fees" refunded to my bank account. The only problem is I have to be vigilant about my bank account and call Citibank up when their is a charge and also keep receipts proving I used a Citibank ATM.I tried opening up a bank acct with Citibank in Argentina but they would not allow me b/c I am a foreigner. I just gave up after that and kept my USA bank acct and have a PAYPAL account too.Good luck!


My ATM card was issued by a small California bank. They charge me US$1.50 per every withdrawal. Banco Nacion does not charge me a foreign fee and the conversion to pesos has always been the "official" amount. Last month it was US$1.00 = $3.09 pesos.Since 1989, I also had a US Citibank checking account. But they always made it very clear that Citibank Argentina had no reciprocal banking ties with its USA counterpart....i.e. I could not
deposit money here (dollars or pesos) to be credited to my US account
and vice versa. For a transfer of funds, I had to pay an international wire fee plus a
transaction fee. During the 1 to 1 period, I was able to withdraw dollars at any of their BA branches as
well as pesos using the US ATM card. After 2001, I could no longer
withdraw dollars. I closed the account. I think now US account holders can again withdraw dollars at BA branches.
I also had an American Express account. At the local AmExp office I could cash a check issued by my US bank up to US$1,000 per day with no fees charged. I also closed the account in 2001. I think this is still the policy.I have yet to sign up for PayPal. For those who use it, how do you get cash through their service in BA?


Hi. For paypal the money is deposited into your bank account (whatever country that might be) and you get from the ATM. I like paypal b/c its a safe way to have money sent-there is a 0.4% charge for deposits under $500 US.