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I was hoping some people would be able to offer insights on what my best options are for private health insurance. I reached out to Cigna International and got a quote for about $300 per month for their premium insurance level. Does anyone have any experience with them? I have also seen mention in some places here on the forum insurance policies through a specific private hospital. That's kind of a new concept to me. I like the idea that Cigna wouldn't limit what hospital/doctor I could go to, but am open to suggestions. For reference I am a single male in his late 20s. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thank You!
I can introduce you to the local ins agent (BA based) I used to purchase health ins when I needed it for residence in BA and other places. I thought he was competent and helpful. I'm sure he can explain your options better than anecdotal info you may obtain here. PM me if you want his contact info.

John Doe

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I met an American guy here, not long ago, who had Cigna. He was fairly old and his monthly premiums seemed VERY high. I don't know the exact details, but I was told that he needed serious surgery. He had to go to Panama for the operation.
I've had Hospital Britanico for ages. .Most of the doctors speak English. Few others do. Not recommended.


I have Cigna as part of a group which is partly subsidized by my former employer. My group seems to have a very good policy. I wouldn't know about premiums and policy bought from an individual but I have been using it for the past 2 years and my experience has been quite good so far.
Something like CIGNA may be good if you are in a new country every month and cant rely on a "Travel Insurance".

But if you live in Argentina most of time for the current period..its best to have a local insurance such as OSDE 310 and back it up with a travel insurance for your travels.
OSDE is the best by far. Hospital Aleman is considered the best hospital. I have insurance here for over 10 years, its great. Real simple, you buy insurance, your 100% insured. Not like the my beloved corporate controled USA where you buy insurance and your only partially covered with deadly limits.