Best Neighbourhood In Ba For Tourist To Stay.


Is Palermo safe? any more?

Palermo: denounces more than 600 thefts in 90 days.

Palermo Neighborhood Association for Security Autoconvocados recorded, from 1 November to 31 January, 616 allegations of theft: 323 (52.5%) were in the street; 158 stores, 56 assaults type piranha, 49 clients of restaurants (usually in houses fast food) and other 30 cases. According to this map of the crime, or the Commune Palermo-14, as these neighbors say from March to November 2013 had been received as many complaints of thefts from shops and on public roads.

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Palermo (the "hip" area) nowadays reminds me a lot to the 90's in San Telmo. I used to live there and being 6'2 and native Spanish speaker still would get some chills when not in a crowded/well lighted street. Palermo got dodgy (used to be mostly residential) and San Telmo dodgier.
Both of those tourist magnet places are gold mines for quick thiefs that can get something just "apurando" even faking a knife/gun with a finger in their pockets.
I found Recoleta the safest of the tourist attractive spots. For sure there are safer areas in BA, go to Puerto Madero, or Barrio Parque/near Paseo Alcorta with all the ex-minister houses and Libertador towers. But a. If you get an apartment there, will cost you more than a suite in a 5 star hotel and b. there's not really much to do nearby, no subway lines around, etc.


Palermo and San Telmo till 2000s were what we call in spanish "una boca de lobo".

They were two working class neighbourhoods, dark at night, with almost nothing to do at night. Palermo was scary. San Telmo pretty much like La Boca is now.
But both gentrified and upper middle class started to buy properties there in the 90s, and bars and theatres, and boutiques. Now they are both upper middle class neighborhoods, and the same is happening today with Barracas and (to a lesser extent) La Boca. And Parque Patricios. If you wanted to invest in properties in BsAs and expect to gain what people did with Palermo & San Telmo, those are the places that will definetely grow in value.
The surrounding areas (Constitucion & Montserrat) will always guarantee San Telmo has a bit of an edge, unless those areas are gentrified I can't see how San Telmo will be without the occasional character of an evening. Isnt there also a square where a semi permanent homeless camp has set up?

If you were betting long term (10 yrs plus) and were of a cast iron disposition you might invest in those currently less than salubrious areas surrounding San Telmo, buy a few big properties on the periphery, bet on the country turning its fortunes around and reep the benefits when the hotels start to open up.

Risky business, long term but potential with returns.