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I saw an article in utube today that mentioned that many americans are moving to Argentina. Is there an inflow of americans moving to argentina or does everybody want to leave?
sergio said:
That must be an old article. People are leaving, selling property and returning.
Exactly correct. The article had to be old.

Most of the wise ones already left in the last year or two and many others are planning to leave.

I know several Americans that are planning to leave this year or early next year.

But absolutely the article you read was old. People are moving out not in.
sleslie23 said:
Everyday I ask myself, why exactly am I still here? The only real answer is I'm too lazy to pack everything up and find another job. :D
Yep. Exactly sleslie23. I saw the writing on the wall about 2 years ago. I even remember posting some posts on this board a while back and reading from some posters that were denying there were issues/problems there.

Some were even praising CFK and her measures. But now I see those people aren't posting anymore. Or at least have wised up and aren't praising her anymore publicly.

I still come to Buenos Aires for work but I permanently left last year and it was the best decision I ever made! I'll always love Argentina but I certainly don't miss living there full time. Now, when I want to visit, I just hop on a plane and come down for a short visit or for work.
I forgot to mention that I know several people (including some that are just retiring) that were planning to move down to Buenos Aires but they changed their mind and moved somewhere else.

They see all the craziness, restrictions, controls, import bans, non-functional banking system, increasing crime, strikes, 25%-30% annual inflation, and decided to retire somewhere else.


In my opinion, it's not a bad place for retirees with a US$ income despite the inflation and other serious problems. Since the rapid increase in the parallel rate of exchange, the cost of living is not high with US$. Health ins cost and medical expenses are moderate/low. Restaurants and local transportation costs are low.
In addition to the lowered cost of living, BA is a vibrant city full of art, culture, and educated people most of whom manage to maintain an equanimity, even a sense of humor, about the country's quirky problems. For an urban environment BA is still a good place to expat.
chris said:
Some expats used to say they were in Argentina to escape fascism in the US. Guess they decided US 'fascism' is not as bad as the current Argentine version.

Hey Chris. Yeah, I remember reading all those sorts of posts on this and other boards.

Say what you want about the USA but it's a wonderful place to live. Yeah, it has it's share of problems but so does every other country. At least things work here.

People respect and obey traffic laws (for the most part), everything is totally efficient, it's very safe, wonderful variety and fresh food in the grocery stores, people are very friendly, wonderful customer service and great place to be a "consumer".

I didn't realize how much I missed it until I was back living here full time again. Just simple things like getting packages delivered daily without having to worry about getting extorted by customs, not having to bring a book to wait in line at the grocery store, being able to buy the food I want, not having to worry about using my Blackberry or Iphone or Ipad out in the street daily, and many other things.

Buenos Aires is much easier if you are able to come as a retired person or don't have to worry about working or owning a company there. That in and of itself would make it much easier not to stress about things.

I do agree that the rapid increase in the parallel market makes it more affordable but before the big difference, Buenos Aires was getting expensive. Even with it, I wouldn't consider it cheap.

I would disagree with the poster that says "Buenos Aires is still a good place to expat". I totally respect someone to have that opinion but I wouldn't consider it a "good" place to Expat with everything going on now.