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I am going to host quite a few business peolpe from Europe during a week in October and would like to find a high quality catering service in the City. I live in Puerto Madero.


PGV, I highly recommend Dan Perlman of Saltshaker, check his website out and contact him directly to see what his wonderful cooking talents can do for you and your associates. Good Luck! His address is:


I racommand you Lora Krulak, she is a lifestylist and chef from NY, has collaborated with lots of well known restaurants to help redesign their menu but you can get more info on her website www.lorakrulak.commailto:In NY I used her catering many times and also ordered my daily meals from her..wonderful!you should contact her directly to see if she is gonna be in buenos aires sept/


Grazie, I appreciate the recommendation, however, we don't offer catering services - other than if someone wants to book a private party at our place. I generally refer requests for caterers to Caracoles para da Viunci -