Chili Powder


Oct 4, 2009
We finished off our last packet of premade chili powder a few nights ago, and so now, I'm kind of wondering about being able to make it here with home-made ingredients. We have just about everything but the chili powder, and my wife thinks that it has to be available here, but under a name we're not familiar with. Anybody know?
it's not cayenne pepper is it? I would check a dietética, they often have the best spices. Check forums for translations.
Basically it's a mix of dry chili peppers. I usually use two or three different dried peppers. Lately I've been using ancho chiles with some dried chiles i bought from the Bolivian woman in front of the supermarket. I don't know what kind they are and some dried chile flakes. I put them all in a grinder to make them into a powder.Then of course add paprika and cumin. I've seen recipes with garlic powder and oregano, but I use fresh garlic. And I don't usually use oregano.

Check on the internet. You'll find lots of recipes and then tweak them to you tastes. Have fun!
I don't know exactly what you are looking for but there is a shop on my street. Bulnes 1900 block on the even side, about a block from the subte. All they have are raw spices. I browsed through there about a month ago and they had A LOT of spices. I would guess they have what you need.
It is called " Aji molido " and you can get it at any supermarket or dietetica, it is very common
nikad said:
It is called " Aji molido " and you can get it at any supermarket or dietetica, it is very common

I have bought aji molido only once and it had nothing to do with chili pepper. We could use a spoonfull and still hardly any taste. Maybe mine was a bad one ?
Just look on the internet for a recipe for the seasoning you like, it's fairly simple stuff, all the ingredients are available locally, just make your own.
The chili flakes ( hot ) are available at Barrio Chino.
Ok, I think we have some confusion:

Chile pepper & chile powder are not the same thing.