Christmas Day?


Aug 31, 2008
Are places like restaurants and such open on Christmas Day?
i believe most everything is closed christmas day so you might want to lay in some supplies if you are a guest in town you can still go for a walk along puerto madero, the parks in palermo etc but as far as stores and restaurants good luck finding one open
went into five different papelerias for color copies of a friends photo in a magazine to give as a persent, do any of them make color copies. NO, do any of them know where, NO.

then decided to buy him shiny photographic paper for his computer printer ....hmm lets go to Compumundo the big computer store that sells computers printers - them sell paper? youve got to be kidding, do they know where, no. then the last papeleria i went into for the copies says hey papelerias sell computer paper for photos, so i said great, can i buy some. well no, they dont carry it but you can go to the big one (that i just came from) so back i went, and no they didnt have any either.

then went looking for two goldfish for some kids i know. around in circles asking where a pet store was. finally after being directed to a vet, a fish store(a place to buy slices of fish to eat) i finally got to the pet store on ayacucho and pena or close. well they had dog collars, dog bowls, fish tanks, fish food, and all sorts of other accessories, but the lady who ran the store said it was cruel to sell animals and had no idea where anyone was who sold them! i guess her food was for all of us stuck in the recession and unable to head to disco. certainly some of the kids i ve seen here need collars.

i guess this is why i try to hide for christmas smile

although the nice folks in the chinese grocery store always cheer me up.
last year they gave me a bottle of cider, sidra for a present. this year as i was struggling with two bags of laundry six bottles of wine and groceries i bought they nicely handed me a panatone as a present. sweet folks. plus their prices are always better than the big chains

i pity santa claus having to lug all his bags around in this heat tonight (especially since it sure must be colder back home at the north pole) and santa watch out for those globos de fuego!
isaidc said:
Are places like restaurants and such open on Christmas Day?

Those that appear to be open are most likely to be booked for private parties.

Later in the day, however, you might find a few. Two years ago I was near Alto Palermo in the late afternoon on the 25th and several pizza places on Santa Fe were open).