Computer repair shop near Palermo?


Dec 8, 2009
Hi all

In the process of the general bureaucratic madness which is the Chilean/Argentinean border, I dropped my Apple MacBook on the floor. The glass panel in front of the LED screen has cracked and I need it replaced.

Does anyone know a good computer repair shop in BsAs that can do this? I think it's a slightly tricky procedure.

We are in Palermo near the zoo.

Ricardo is super pro. Knows his stuff inside and out, very personable and friendly to talk to. He also speaks fluent english so can communicate with you easily about what is going on with your computer and how it can be fixed.

There is MacStore (previously Alfa Uno) and MacStation. Macstation is bigger, and charges more for everything ($70 just to investigate what is wrong with your mac).

I would recommend MacStore for new items and accesories (I would really recommend to buy it in the US) and for repairs under guarantee.
I agree with the posts regarding Ricardo. I had a problem recharging my laptop. He was helpful and knowledgable over the mail already, so I payed him a visit. And although he was in between things he helped me on the way in a few minutes. We didn't formally solve the problem (because I had no time to wait, I leave Buenos Aires tomorrow), but I have a workaround now, that is more than good enough for me.
I just wanted to recommend Oscar (known as Oscar the geek - ) he speaks perfect English, is a tech/computer wiz, and also a cool guy.

I was planning on buying a new computer in a few months when I go back to the states, but took my laptop to Oscar in the meantime to see if he could make it run faster since it was so slow I couldn't bare to use it. Instead of buying a new computer, he suggested that I replace the hard drive with an SSD and get more memory (USD1500 for a new macbook pro vs. USD300 for the parts). He installed the SSD, memory and cleaned up my computer and now it runs ONE THOUSAND times faster and works even better than a new computer, without messing up any of my settings or erasing any files. He's honest, works really fast and I can't recommend his services enough.