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27 August 2021 at 10:00am
Press conference this morning by Fernán Quirós. “We have a six-stage plan for the start-up of the City and we are in stage 3, which is conditioned by the epidemiological situation. 40% of the porteños have already been vaccinated with second doses and, according to what has been studied in the world, when 50% of the population vaccinated with second doses is reached, the defense against the Delta variant is significant ”, he assured. “When 70% of the population is reached with the complete scheme, the wave begins to decrease. We have these two milestones ahead of us”.

Regarding the infections with this variation, Quirós said that there are a total of four new cases, “two from more than a month and a half ago; and another two, from 14 days ago, ”but he remarked that it was not yet possible to determine whether they originated through community circulation.
In addition, he affirmed that the possibility of community circulation of this variant to begin "is a matter of days and weeks because there are already too many cases in the country and in the City to prevent it from circulating." For this reason, he explained that it is important to advance in the vaccination campaign....He announced that between today and tomorrow they will invite to be vaccinated those who have to receive the second dose of Sinopharm. During the weekend and next week they will do the same for those who are waiting to complete
the scheme of vaccination with the Sputnik V....


27 August 2021 at 6:52pm
This Friday the national gov't received from the Richmond laboratory more than 307,000 doses of the Sputnik V component 2 , after that lot went through the quality control of the Gamaleya Institute and the ANMAT. In this way, Argentina already has 50,568,620 doses for the strategic plan for immunization against the coronavirus and is moving forward with the aim of completing the vaccination scheme for the population throughout the territory.

....Of the total number of vaccines received, 15,000,920 are Sputnik V vaccines, 10,955,260 from the first component (of which 1,179,625 were produced by Richmond), and 4,045,660 from the second component (702,500, made in that Argentine laboratory). From the AstraZeneca firm, the country already has 13,939,700 vaccines among the 580,000 from CoviShield, the 1,944,000 received thru the Covax mechanism, 10,204,700 provided directly by the laboratory, 400,000 donated by Spain and 811,000 by Mexico. Meanwhile, 17,928,000 are from the Sinopharm laboratory, 200,000 from Cansino, and 3,500,000 from Moderna, donated by the United States. According to the Public Vaccination Monitor, until this morning 46,155,394 doses of vaccines were distributed throughout the territory, while 40,961,189 of that total, there are 27,606,176 people inoculated with the first dose, and 13,355 .013 have the complete immunization schedule.


27 August 2021....Source:
....Among several inexplicable situations that have delayed the vaccination campaign in Argentina, the vaccine called Convidecia, from Cansino, is now added. On August 6, 21 days ago, the first batch of 200,000 doses arrived in the country, out of the 5.4 million that the Gov't bought. They are still in the Nation's refrigerator, since they were not distributed. This Chinese development is single-dose, and has the particularity of being based on the adenovirus 5, the same one that uses the second component of Sputnik V as a viral vector. So when the local vaccine combination trial began, Cansino's vaccine was predicted to be the candidate most likely to be the natural replacement given the Russian shortage....

12 June 2021

The Ministry of Health formalized the authorization "on an emergency basis" of the Convidecia vaccine against coronavirus, from the Cansino laboratory, after the approval of the ANMAT....
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A good article for anyone (like me) worried about whether the increasing numbers of breakthrough infections also mean increasing risk of severe infection. To cut a long story short, not necessarily. One example the article cites:

"The researchers found that, when a vaccinated person’s antibody levels fall to around twenty per cent of the typical post-infection level, protection against symptomatic infection drops to fifty per cent. Protection against severe disease, however, doesn’t fall to fifty per cent until antibodies wane to just three per cent of post-infection levels."

Reading the article further, it is not even clear that breakthrough infections are in fact increasing, or exceed initial expectations.



29 August 2021
"Given the path we traveled, we should have had more vaccine options". The CABA Minister of Health, Fernan Quiros, gave details on those persons who are waiting for the second dose of AstraZeneca...The official announced that all of them will receive the corresponding notification
"as soon as an airplane arrives" with more vaccines from this laboratory. In this regard, he estimated that "by the end of this week or the middle of next week" the City gov't will "be inviting everyone" who is in this situation to complete the immunization scheme....


28 August 2021 by Francisco Reyes and Agustin Gallardo
What is the route of the COVID-19 variants in Argentina. Infobae had exclusive access to the first genomic surveillance report made in the country by the Ministry of Health. Charts and maps showing Delta's progress....
....The report that Infobae analyzed was written with the information produced in the framework of the genomic surveillance of SARS CoV-213 based on data registered in the National Health Surveillance System of cases sequenced by the INEI-ANLIS and by the different laboratories of the Consorcio PAIS, with referrals provided by diagnostic laboratories at points of entry and by all jurisdictions that send samples for sequencing within the framework of regular surveillance, in travelers, in unusual cases, suspected reinfection and vaccinated.

From January 2021 to August 23, 4,058 samples have been analyzed for the identification of variants of SARS-CoV-2, including surveillance of travelers, in unusual severe cases, vaccinated people, suspected cases of reinfection and regular surveillance of circulating variants....
....Until August 23, in Argentina, 235 cases of the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 confirmed by laboratory have been identified, of which 211 correspond to imported or import-related cases (163 to international travelers and 48 to related persons with such travelers - close contacts or contacts of their contacts); 11 cases in which the relationship with the importation could not be established and 13 correspond to a conglomeration of related cases in which their origin is under investigation....


31 August 2021....Source: Télam - National News Agency.
Argentina will receive this week almost five million vaccines against COVID-19. The national gov't aims to complete the largest scheme of vaccinations before the primary elections on September 12....They will arrive starting this Tuesday on different flights....According to official sources the first, with AstraZeneca vaccines (1,654,500 doses as reported on Pagina12) is scheduled to arrive this Tuesday at 7:55 p.m. on an Air Canada flight. Two other flights will arrive tomorrow Wednesday: on Qatar Airways with 1,448,000 and another on with 1,230,000 doses of Sinopharm. The shipment of the Chinese inoculants will be completed with a third flight scheduled for Friday with 570 thousand doses....61% of the total population already has at least one dose and only half of that percentage the complete scheme (31%). From the official data it appears that there are almost 14 million people waiting for the second dose....


31 August 2021 at 8:30pm by Fabiola Czubaj
CanSino. There are 400,000 that will arrive between Sept 5th and 16th; although there is no distribution date yet. Today (Aug 31) 1,654,600 AstraZeneca units arrived....
....In the last 48 hours, health authorities found the destination for the first single-dose Covid-19 vaccine available in the country for more than three weeks, although the mystery still remains about when its distribution to the provinces will start. The Convidecia (Cansino) vaccine will initially be for groups of "difficult access", "persons living on the streets, migrants, refugees and other dispersed population", detailed the National Ministry of Health through a statement at the end of the meeting of the Federal Health Council (Cofesa) in the province of San Luis.
The point of debate was in the destination that should be given to this single-dose vaccine. The dose combination studies conducted by the City and the Province of BA did not include the CanSino product. It was part of the clinical trial of vaccine interchangeability sponsored by the National Ministry of Health and the Russian Fund for Direct Investment. The study, to start in the coming weeks, is being financed by the laboratory on the use of the vaccine as a second dose of the first component of Sputnik V in 450 volunteers....

....In addition to the shipment of 1,654,600 AstraZeneca units that arrived in Ezeiza, the official list planned includes for September another 400,000 doses of Cansino in two batches on the 5th and 16th, in addition to 580,000 doses of Pfizer, of which so far two shipments have arrival dates, on the 6th and 13th, of 100,000 units each....The Gov't also expects to have six million more doses per month, between October and December, but that still remains to be confirmed by the US pharmaceutical company. When Minister Carla Vizzotti announced the signing of the contract with Pfizer for 20 million vaccines last week, the laboratory issued a statement on the agreement: "The supply will be made progressively in the course of 2021"....


Can you select which vaccine to get?
Kind of. If you live in CABA, when you get your turno, you can check which centers will be offering what vaccine that day and choose which center to go to on that day.

The issue is that some days or weeks it will only be Sinopharm and others a mix and am not sure what happens if you decline a turno and need to reschedule it?