Crazy prices at MALBA


"jp" said:
Just curious - for the people who have seen inflation go up over the years... Are you working and earning? If so what currency do you earn in?
Is the problem that argentina isn't as cheap for foreigners as it used to be, or that your argentine salary isn't going as far as it used to?
jp, I earn in pesos. I never came to Argentina thinking I would make big money (in fact I knew I wouldn't and that wasn't my goal), but I have seen my purchase power decrease a lot in 18 months. But like steveinbsas said, you adjust. You start watching prices more carefully, and you learn what you are willing to live without.


Thanks for the comments
I've recently arrived and have a peso salary contract. Its fine for now, but given inflation its probably going to buy me a lot less in a year from now. Guess its a good incentive to get the expensive/touristy stuff out of the way early! Spend it while it has value..