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The other day I met up with a friends daughter (who is 29 years old). She looked kind of distressed and pissed off so I asked her what was wrong. She was offered a job at a small start up advertising agency. She was offered $4.000 per month (in hand, en blanco). This is a person who at 29 almost 30 has never had a job before, she has spent almost the last 10 years studying at the university of Buenos Aires then travelling, to the US, Europe, and around South America all financed by her parents of course. She is expecting a much much higher salary at least 7K and doesn't consider herself entry-level. She asked me what I thought and I told her if I were her I would accept it and keep looking if I wasn't happy with the job and/or salary. The ONLY reason she had started looking for a job in the first place it because my friend (her mother) told her honey it's time you either start your career or get married. She started looking for a job 7 months ago, hasn't had even 1 single offer until this one and lives rent free, on her own in an apartment owned by her Mother. Anyway to link this story to the subject matter of what maids are paid, one of her remarks during our conversation was "4.000 pesos is about 25 pesos per hour, which is what I am paying the lady who cleans my apartment".......so do I have to explain any further about people's attitudes here??


Be angry all you want. I'm just stating my opinion, which is what i'm supposed to do on this forum. But it's good to hear your not paying anyone slave wages anymore.

CarverFan said:
TheBlackHand, you should be happy to know that I now have a cleaner who works for free! And has done so for the last ten months.
Maybe you should do like me and get off your ass and do your own cleaning....instead of criticising people whom you know absolutely nothing about.


And how much do you pay your cleaner? Is it the same percentage higher than the minimum wage if you compare it to a couple of years ago. I highly doubt it as some of you were paying almost double then and should now be paying 35 or more an hour now!


What was the peso vs dollar value back in 2011? How many pesos to the dollar? Knowing this will make the thread a bit more relatable as to what maids are really being paid. Thanks.


What was the peso vs dollar value back in 2011? How many pesos to the dollar? Knowing this will make the thread a bit more relatable as to what maids are really being paid. Thanks.
About 4 to 1, so about 3/4 dollars per hour in 2011. The mail would clean my 1 bedroom apt (2 bathrooms) for 50 pesos, in 3 hours and make about 12 dollars.
Today, in San Francisco, a house of 170 m2 would demand about 4 hours (more efficient than Paraguay maid in BsAs, because they have better tools in US) by one cleaning person (usually someone from Latin American countries), the standard price is $120+tips (many give tips). Usually the maid is all booked, and she cleans 2 houses per day, making $240 cash, and she works up to 25 days a month, making $6000 cash a month, almost the same as white collar employee who is making $120,000 a year after tax and unemployment ins and social security deduction, 401k crap. It is very possible, the maid is making more than the home owner who hires her.
I know someone from Central America, she has built her nice retirement house with a pool in her home town and her condo outside SF almost paid off. Not a bad American dream for just cleaning houses, with no education, no language skills. People just give them keys or access code, they go to the houses with the owners not there. Or people hire merry maids, usually 3/4 ladies show up and clean really fast and the boss maid drive them to next one.


Garryl, i was in Los Angeles last week. I was shocked to see number of homeless white Americans. The place was swarming!