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Friday, 10 June 2016

Anthony Bourdain’s Show ‘Parts Unknown’ Features Buenos Aires This Sunday[The Bubble]
In the Kitchen. Based off their chat, it was evident that Bourdain pulled out all the stops to ensure an authentic cultural experience (although he disappointingly drew the line at giving Tango a go or even putting himself in a position that would potentially pressure him to do so, which leaves us wondering why he went to a Tango bar).

Wednesday, 08 June 2016

Study: There Were 15,174 Layoffs And 9,832 Suspensions In May[The Bubble]
An Employment Emergency bill was passed by Congress last month as an attempt to stem the tide of layoffs by banning public and private sector layoffs for a period of six months. However, President Mauricio Macri vetoed the bill deeming it counterproductive to his plan to create ...

Paste Ups And Paper: Buenos Aires’ Street Art Continues To Evolve And Wow[The Bubble]
robots wouldn’t look amiss in a Pixar film. Ale Giorgga’s Movimiento Petrushaus reimagines the traditional aesthetic of cumbia posters and pledges allegiance to Palermo. Bicicleta Bicicleta is all about repetition and Gerdy Harapos does a variety of portraits, from stylized faces to toothy cartoons.

Les Luthiers: Still Funny![The Bubble]
The group was founded by Gerardo Masana in 1967, and was born out of a parody of the choral groups that were hugely popular in Argentine universities at the time. They took off after they were given the opportunity to perform in Buenos Aires at the Instituto di Tella: the show was so well received that what was supposed to be a one-night event, turned into a three month contract with the theater.

Monday, 06 June 2016

The Eater 38: Essential Buenos Aires Restaurants[Pick Up The Fork]
Eaters Guide to the Entire World dropped last week featuring an extensive restaurant guide to dozens of cities across the world. Making the Buenos Aires list was no easy task. While I could have easily added 38 more deserving restaurants to the guide, these were the spots that made the final cut.

Friday, 03 June 2016

‘Travel And Leisure’ Named Buenos Aires One Of The Unfriendliest Cities In The World[The Bubble]
Apparently, “In this year’s survey, many repeat visitors to Argentina’s capital sadly noted a decline in atmosphere. Buenos Aires’ nightlife continues to wow, but crime and crumbling infrastructure made many uneasy. While economic troubles have made a visit to this South American destination very affordable, it has also cast a bleakness over the once inexhaustible city.” I politely beg to differ.

Thursday, 02 June 2016

Chronicles of Shawarma XI[SaltShaker]
nicely seasoned meat and a decent amount of it, good pitas, properly dredged in a bit of the meat drippings and then plastered against the rotisserie on both sides to heat and crisp it a little, a little skimpy on the lettuce, tomato and onion for my tastes. One plus, this spot (and maybe now that spot, who knows?) is far more liberal with the harissa sauce, and actually offers it up front without having to ask for it. A shame I never got to try the shawarma from Aldim, my curiosity will have to ...

Sex Work In Argentina: “We Would Invoice, If Our Work Were Recognized”[The Bubble]
Taking this into account, we are left wondering whether legalization or decriminalization is better suited to commercial sex work in Argentina? From a public health perspective it is easier to build a case for government interference, however it is difficult to strike a balance between this being implemented in a sensitive, empowering way without dehumanizing or humiliating the sex worker. From experience, overly active government involvement is generally disfavored by sex workers and NGOs, since ...

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Dating & Relationships When You Live Abroad Part 2: BUENOS AIRES[urbanexpats.com]
Oh those Porteños: spontaneous, clever, expressive, social, never boring, and sexy as hell with an accent straight from the heavens. But at what price? Chamuyo, histeriqueo, machismo, flakiness, lying, cheating, and drama. What you need to know about dating in Buenos ...

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Seriously, It’s Raining Burgers[SaltShaker]
Verdict? A very good burger, but not one that wowed me. Not surprisingly being wagyu beef, it’s loaded with soft fatty goodness. It was seasoned well. It was cooked to a perfect medium rare. A little small, and for some inexplicable reason, you have to put it on the bun yourself, which is served separately on the side. The onions were well caramelized. The bearnaise sauce was spot on. The reggianito cheese (more or less parmigiano, but not quite) was a nice touch. The bun was good and held up.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Eat the Buenos Aires Seasons: Fall / Otoño Produce[Pick Up The Fork]
In Buenos Aires, it’s not hard to eat seasonally. If an ingredient isn’t in season, it’s not available. Or it’s really expensive. Or it probably tastes heinous. There’s nothing like a tomato in the summer with the flavor of an actual juicy tomato, a 10 peso creamy avocado in late spring, a deep orange roasted pumpkin in the ...