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Sep 22, 2012
Saturday, 06 June

Kirchners Are Under Fire Ahead of Argentine Vote[WSJ]
Anxious Argentines simply refer to it as "29J" -- the 29th of June, the day after midterm elections that will likely usher in a new era of diminished authority for leftist President Cristina Kirchner.

Friday, 05 June

Spotlight: Evita Museum[Argentina's Travel Guide]
Before Museo Evita was opened in 2002 in Buenos Aires by Eva (or Evita’s, as she was affectionately called) Peron’s grandniece, the mansion had been a shelter for homeless women and ch...

What’s Next, Temper Tantrums?[micheleandtom.com]
One of the nice things about aging is that I have gained perspective and am able to handle stressful situations with more ease and less passion. So why does all of that hard earned experience go ou...

Life in Buenos Aires: V-Day[TangoSpam:La Vida Con Deby]
It's Tuesday.* My stomach is in knots.* I have to go to Migraciones at 10 to talk about making my visa permanent.* This is my only chance.* If they do not accept it, I have no other choices.* On May...

Thursday, 04 June

i'm unitedstatesian[Yillabean]
until this week, i forgot about the "i'm american" issue. if you tell someone here that you're "american", it's likely you'll get the response "i am too" even if they're from Argentina, Mexico, Chile...

classroom behavior[Yillabean]
Wednesday June 3rd, 2009 Thursdays use to be my long days, now Wednesdays are a close second. I leave the apartment at 7:45am to make it to my 8:30am class. I take a collectivo now, it gets me ...

Gallery Nights June 2008 - Special Edition in Palermo[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
On Wednesday, June 10th, 2009 , from 7 PM , Gallery Nights , the original circuit for art lovers around more than 35 art galleries, antique shops, museums and cultural centers, presents this s...

Wednesday, 03 June

2010 Argentina Dakar Map Now Online[The Argentine Post]
The Amaury Sport Organization, which organizes the 30-year-old Dakar off-road automobile race, has released details of the Dakar 2010 South American rally.
“The Dakar,” as it is known by.....

Air France Received Bomb Threat For BA-Paris Flight[The Argentine Post]
Air France received a bomb threat for a May 27 flight from Buenos Aires to Paris, an Argentine government official confirmed to The Argentine Post early Wednesday. The threat, which the official...

More Tea, General?[The Argentimes]
The English legacy is visible in a few obvious aspects of Argentine life; football, the railways and an ongoing tussle over a few islands-which-must-not-be-named spring to mind. Surprisingly, afternoo...

Monederos have arrived[Beatrice M's blog]
Monedero advertised on No 8 bus , originally uploaded by blmurch . The Monedero system is currently in use in the subway system here in Buenos Aires. It's an RFID (radio frequency id) card ...

Shooting time[Buenos Aires Daily]
Filming session in the botanical garden.

Tuesday, 02 June

ArteBA 2009[As Belgrano Byrnes...]
ArteBA is always one of my favorite cultural events of the year in Buenos Aires. It's full of fantastic art from around the continent, and it's glamorous too, but in a way that is accessible to everyo...

Black and Yellow[Buenos Aires Photographer - Big Photos of Buenos Aires]
Black and yellow taxi & parking garage

Monday, 01 June

Sunday Was Army Day!![micheleandtom.com]
A funny thing happened while I was at Armed Forces Day…I realized that I don’t know a single American military hymn. As a follow up to our all-day asado on Saturday, we rounded ou...

Argentina’s Economic Doldrums May Be Hitting Floor[The Argentine Post]
Despite widespread predictions for a worsening outlook, Argentina’s economic doldrums may be reaching a floor, according to a recent series of data released Monday by Torcuarto Di Tella...
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