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Sep 22, 2012
Monday, 08 June

Kirchner: Anticipating the Judgment of History[The Argentine Post]
When Argentine historians of the future look back on the Nestor Kirchner era, a term they are likely to apply to both the four years when he was the Nation’s Chief Executive and the years when his wife was a ceremonial rather than ...

Beautiful spider[Buenos Aires Daily]
Incredible the size of those spiders in Salta.

Sunday, 07 June

Argentines: Govt Isn’t Fighting Corruption Effectively[The Argentine Post]
An overwhelming majority of Argentines feel their government is failing to effectively combat corruption, according to a survey released recently by Transparency International.
The survey indicates......

Undercover Prostitutes Used to Stop Child-Sex Ring[The Argentimes]
Police in Buenos Aires have started an initiative using more than a dozen former prostitutes to expose the organisers of a child-sex ring in the capital. Authorities were becoming increasingly concern...

ArteBA - Santiago Garcia Pilotto[Buenos Aires Photographer - Big Photos of Buenos Aires]
Artist Santiago Garcia Pilotto uses a mixture of paint and photo-collage to create city scapes of Buenos Aires. I really responded to his vision of the city. For me Buenos Aires is a jumbl...

Salvador Dalí's surrealism exhibition opens at Abasto Shopping Mall[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
The traveling exhibition "Dali, los ojos del surrealismo" (Dali, the eyes of surrealism) opens on June 13, 2009 , at Abasto Shopping mall, featuring works made by Salvador Dalí between 1950 and 19...

Not so Poor, Louis[SaltShaker]
 Not bad. Not bad at all.” - Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady Buenos Aires - Continued on this last week with a visit to another of the septet of parrillas that Dereck Foster lis...

Saturday, 06 June

Coppola sees his people in color[NJ.com]
Vincent Gallo, star of Coppola's latest movie, "Tetro," was surprised to find the filmmaker waiting for him when he arrived in Buenos Aires, the shooting location for the drama, which opens Wednesday.

Argentina: Charley abandoned his chocolate factory [Upside Down World]
... a poster on the gate of the factory to inform the workers they no longer had jobs. The 50 workers still employed hadn't been paid their salaries for much of 2008.

Argentina's Community Media Fights for Access and Legal Reform[Americas Program]
In response to misinformation and lack of access in the mass media, citizens have created alternative media networks that play a fundamental role in today's Latin America. Together, these community television stations ...

La Plata: Welcome to my City[Trifter]
La Plata is the capital city of Buenos Aires, which is the capital province of Argentina. It is located at...

The Magellanic Pinquins of Punta Tombo[Smithsonian]
On a tiny peninsula in southern Argentina, nearly 400,000 penguins gather to breed and usher in a new generation of their species...

African immigrants seek refuge in Argentina[Global Post]
If you lived in Zaire in the 1990s, you didn't want to get on the wrong side of dictator Mobutu Sese Seko. That's what pro-democracy activist Celestin Nengumbi Sukama did and it landed him, of all places, in Argentina.
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