Dating in BA


Jun 6, 2005
Ok. I guess I will start off this board. For those of you women/goddesses that have dated local men. Time to dish....better or worse than dating men from your own culture. And more importantly, why! This is not meant to be a man bashing session, more of a compare notes moment.

I only briefly dated an Argie man who has spent a lot of time in the US over the past decade. He was generally more open about his emotions and more romantic than the American men I have dated, but he was also very hard to pindown timewise. He is one man, so I cant, dont want to and wont make assumptions on an entire gender of a culture..but any funny, interesting or comparative analysis would be fun to hear.


I tried it briefly once. Usually I find men very rude and interrogative and they take offense when i refuse to play their Q&A; game, which is funny because i find the game offensive. Once I met a man who i dated for a bit because my refusal to sit through an interview on 'where were you born' actually led us into an interesting conversation, so i was impressed with his flexiblility. I found this person relatable because he was traveled (diplomatic family) and was more open minded than the norm; he explained that he had thought about the consequences of some typical actions, like in deciding machismo was not for him. So briefly I thought I was lucky and soon it was over when he still was not evolved enough or interested enough to negotiate relationship boundaries but rather entered dictate the boundaries mode, but I will give him credit because I think that is something difficult for people everywhere.
Girls... I´m so sorry... but... I think you have.... como decirlo, "creo que tienen muchas vueltas" , what are you looking for in an argie ??? Are they so different from men in U.S ?? I don´t think so.. bye byeeee
Ah, I'm not afraid. When I was in college I found myself competing for the affections of a woman with an Argentine. He was way wealthier than me, had those classic Latin good looks, spoke excellent English, and was a world-class gymnast and law school student. I was an undergrad on an ROTC scholarship. I won. LOL
haha... Dating argentine men... Where to start!?!? Ok, first of all- this crap about being a 'latin lover' is way overrated! That is unless you like them hairy (and untrimmed if you know what i mean)! Also, I don't know if it's their 'passionate' side, but they tend to dive into deep emotions VERY quickly! It could also be that I am use to American men who take their time with this aspect. It seems that they get attached quicker and think that your meeting was due to destiny. Yes, I have heard this on more than one occasion!
Also, there is only so much of 'ah, hermosa, que lindos ojos tenes,' that a girl can take, so when this sentence comes from someone NOT directly off the street tends to lose it's meaning. Think of something original for godsakes! It is hard to actually believe any sort of 'compliments' from someone that you go out with when they are almost identical to those of the viejo verdes por la calle.
Also, their quick jump into emotional envolvement and destiny and all that crap makes you wonder how genuine it really is. Ok, I don't mean to bash Argentine men here, there are some really great ones, but... this has been my experience thus far. I have had a hard time making any sort of REAL connection with any of them. Nothing that makes me giddy with contentment but they are good for a laugh and a fun night out! But to give them credit, they can be quite chivalrous- they ALWAYS open the door and let you go in first! haha
O.K....I just couldn`t help it....I`m "butting" in! I`m an American man and have been reeding your topic being very entertained....but, I have to make some comments. First, its clear some of you have a pretty good idea of what they are like, especially this last comment. They are pretty good talkers, and its true, you`ll get more emotions out of them...but, dont forget that in this society, "feelings" are more expressed in many different ways. And, the Argies accept their feelings much more than us "Americans". That has both good and bad consequences. Having been here 12 years, married to an Argentine, I have observed and "lived" most everything! I have Argentine buddies that talk mostly about their "other women", (aside from their wives)...and its quite entertaining...there are also many Argentine wives that just accept all that...So, the American women who comes here needs to be aware of all that. The argentine society is, in my opinion, a very "psychologically" advanced one....people here make great lawyers, psychologists, actors....they can convince you of ANYTHING....Yes there are good qualities here...but, "matrimonies" are very different from the U.S.....just be prepared.
Take care!
Regarding the previous comment, the one thing the locals -male or female - can't convince me of is their integrity. All of Latin America may be like this. I don't know. What I know is what I see here: corruption, dishonesty, deception. "Other women". Feelings? Maybe. Feelings of sensitivity? Not very sensitive to the wife. Another concept of "matrimony" . I guess so!
Dating an Argentinian girl is like dating Hurricane Katrina. Amazing and interesting from a distance, confusing and destructive if you get too close.
OKay- a mixed bag of experiences- something universal.
I am happily married to an argentine, a well travelled one, I must add, but I think people are reading too much into certain cultural differences. I find the men yes, can be macho and superficial & clingy, BUT there are lots who are honest, dedicated, faithful, open minded, and very involved in child rearing.

perhaps it also depends where/ what context you are meeting men. Don't be scared away- there are good and bad everywhere!
about this "other women thing"...remind me to stay far away from female expats in Argentina!

All the girls posting on here sound like bitter old American feminists.

Personally I do not care if my girlfriend strays a little bit. It's only human! I think most advance socities realize that is can be very restrictive to be tied down to one person over a long period.

Only in the USA are the people living in a fantasy land that there's 1 person out there for you! And we have a divorce rate of 50%! Hypocrites!