Dollars in Uruguay?


I once asked at a cueva, why they only accepted crisp clean bills and was told that the customers who buy them expect them that way.
That's not only typical of Argentina though. Also in some Asian countries people would only accept new dollar bills in pristine condition, I guess it's easier to tell if they are genuine that way.


Hi! I am also thinking about doing similar thing, but worried about the taxes? If this is a repeated task does it bring a need of paying income tax? Do you also use localbitcoins?
To be honest, I'm not sure. I've always used Ripio in the past, and when you sell the Bitcoins you can withdraw them directly to MercadoPago or your bank account. I haven't used it enough to worry about taxes though. If you did it regularly, I guess there might be some kind of taxes to pay. Or at least someone might want to know where the money is coming from. I think I read somewhere that you get taxed on profits from buying and selling cryptos, but I'm not sure I'm afraid.


Teach me....why Bitcoin over Western Union? Is the bitcoin delivery in Argentina in dollars?
I'm using WU right now as the exchange rate is great. But from what I remember in the last cepo, Bitcoin was always at a much higher rate than WU. So it depends on what happens with rates.

Also, you can buy bitcoins, send them to yourself and cash them out into your Arg bank account all online. You get pesos, but usually around the blue rate.


Re: the crisp clean dollar bills. I suspect it's partly due to making sure they are real and not counterfeit, and another is a little bit of status or ego. Dirty bills are for the 3rd world.


I don't know whether you can send dollars to yourself with WU because I've never tried it. But if you have a friend or family member who can send you the dollars, you can easily pick them up in Uruguay. I used to do this all the time during the last cepo. I would get someone to send me dollars to a Western Union in Uruguay, then I would hop over, pick them up and return in one day. The most I collected was about $3000 USD, but I'm sure you can pick up more.

One thing to note is that (in Colonia at least), the WU office would ask me to call a couple of days ahead to book the amount I would be picking up so they could make sure they had it available.
Why can’t you send them to yourself in BA?
What is the best way to Montevideo- how long and what is the cost?


Can you use dollars in Colonia? We are only going to be there one afternoon and would love to not have to own too much Uruguayan money. ARS is bad enough.