Emergencias Salud health plan


I have my Medicare and a Medicare Supp plan (United Health) for when I am in the US (though I have some foreign emergency coverage through United with a 5K annual self retention and and a lifetime capp of about 1MM).
I have a local doc for ordinary MD visits. He was 1st in his class in Med school and he's now a friend (something unheard of in the US). I use Emergencias for an occasional MD visit for mundane stuff, but mostly for getting the drug prescriptions (I also use Valsartan which can run $100/mo without discounts).
I never had to schedule a non-emergency MD visit for more than a few days in advance with Emergencias. I did use Emergencias once for an emergency ambulance and a brief hospital admission (a couple of hours). I forget if I had to pay any self-retention cost, but if so, it was minimal. For 1600 pesos/mo ($25), the prescription drug discount alone justifies the cost.


Has anyone had experience(s) willing to share with this outfit, Emergencias Salud? They offer this, starting at $18.90 per day:

- Home doctors and consultations with specialists by video call 24 hours
- Digital recipe
- Indemnity coverage for hospitalizations and surgeries
- Pharmacy discounts of up to 50%
- and much more


Couple of years ago I tried asking them a few questions (OSDE became an arm and a leg), their offer seemed too good to be true. It is.
What they don´t mention leaves too many holes, and big ones. Once you start asking smart questions it turns out you better run away as fast as you can.

Just figure out the smart Qs.



It says very clearly in their Logo " The Ideal COMPLIMENT for Prepaid Health Plan holders " Not a Primary Plan..!
I agree with Rich One.....it's a complementary service.
Among the benefits, the website lists....Descuento en farmacias de hasta un 50%. In Nov, 2019 Julian 63 posted a positive review as he used the plan to purchase a prescription medication at a discount. So in his case the money saved on the RX alone was worth it.

Rich One

Having just spent the morning at Hospital Fernandez, burning up 4 hours waiting in a line of 40 people, first to get a number, then
waiting again in another line with that number for 3 hours to get an appointment in 10 days to draw blood for analysis. You might say
I was open to alternatives!
Do you have Free Cobertura Porteña de Salud City Plan..?? or a Paid Health Insurance Coverage


All the cheap plans are always welcome especially by people struggling to pay more..

However, the main idea is that why would something expensive like OSDE even exist or be the most popular plan amongst all, if the cheap plans were the way to go.

If you are serious about your health care in long run with the looming global health crisis, it would be best to have the best plan possible. Who knows, what waits ahead.