FBI Criminal Record Review/Apostille

I am married to an Argentine. I am trying to get a residence here in Argentina. I have everything ready but I am having issues with the FBI Criminal Record Review because it does not have an Apostille. The US Embassy told me that Immigration here understands this and that I turn the Criminal Record with out it. The problem is the Immigration in Cordoba says I need one. Does anyone have expierence with this problem? IF so could you relay your expiernce to me.

Thank yu in advance
Thank you for your reply

I jus want to make something clear and see if it changes the answer.

I am doing all the paperwork from Argentina which I can do. I did not go through a Argentina Consulate in US first. I was living in Spain and we decide to do the paperwork here. Do I need it legalized by the Argentine Consulate in the US first?

Thank you