Female Gynecologist


Jan 17, 2009

I am having some problems with my IUD, and I was wondering if anyone can suggest a good female gynecologist. Thanks! =)
Here are a few off the OSDE list -- I don't know any of them unfortunately, I just looked for ones that speak english:

8681 - Dra. Battista, Claudia María
Av. Santa Fe 1675 2° "A"
4815-4802 y 15-4448-4733
Idiomas: Inglés
Email: [email protected]

14482 - Dra. Beraud de Ahuad, Gisela
Av. R. Scalabrini Ortiz 2433 P.B. "A"
4831-1318 y 4804-4720
Idiomas: Inglés
Email: [email protected]

10257 - Dra. Brein, Pamela
Av. Pueyrredón 1364 2° "D"
4822-5807 y 4829-9301
Horarios de Atención
Lunes 12:30 a 21:00hs
Jueves 14:00 a 21:00hs
Email: [email protected]

14883 - Dra. Calloni, María Mónica
Arcos 2289 4° "B"
Belgrano - Colegiales
4781-4612 y 4786-9115
Idiomas: Inglés
Email: [email protected]

8197 - Dra. Campos, Liliana Beatriz
Marcelo T. de Alvear 2345 4° "B"
4826-0209 y 4823-9058
Idiomas: Inglés

Good luck! Do a search of this forum, you may find another recommendation
Just FYI. I have been to a few doctors that are listed as English speaking in the OSDE book and their English was very limited, so much so that I just stuck with my Spanish.
My gyno is fabulous; she communicates very well, but she doesn't speak English.

Dra Liliana B. Rossi
Rosario 188 1B -- in Caballito

I can't recommend her highly enough!
Also, what barrio is she in. I have not found one good one. Belgrano barrio would be nice or Belgrano R.
Hola spanglishgirl, if you have Osde Health Insurance I can recommend Dra. Adriana Vilariño, she is good english speaker (I know a foreign woman in BA who say she is a good Gynec)
Av. Santa Fe 3069 2° "B" - Recoleta
Dra. Liliana Rossi has been my only gynecologist in BA for nine years. Until I learned the langugage, we conversed in English. Speak slowly. She attends OSDE patients and may still be charging only 50 pesos for a consultation. I referred TangoCherie to her, one of those who recommended her. Call for an appointment (turno) with her secretary. Office hours are Mon 13,30-20, Wed 10-13, 14-20, Fri 13-18 Tel 4901 2475 She is a doctor who listens to her patients. She's better than the gynecologist I had in Chicago.
May I ask what her office and examining room was like? I've been to a few, even through Swiss Medical and thought the rooms were terrible with this little "gown" hanging up to wear that did not even look clean. Horrors! I've also found them not to be very thorough. Thanks!