Female Gynecologist

I went to see her. I contaced her by e-mail and we arranged for a "turno" the next day. She was lovely. I spoke Spanish with her so I am not sure about her English skills but I think she knows some for sure.

8681 - Dra. Battista, Claudia María
Av. Santa Fe 1675 2° "A"
4815-4802 y 15-4448-4733
Idiomas: Inglés
Email: claudiabattista@fibertel.com.ar


I don't know if she is on your plan...but Dra. Bernardino is great...young, smart, speaks English.

Clean office...exam rooms all seem to be the same here, the gowns leave little to be desired for sure...I have never had an issue with them not being clean...just skimpy!

The exams here are not what I was used to ...a pap smear is that...no checking of the breasts or elsewhere. Get the prescription for that and get the mammogram and vaginal ultrasound at another clinic, then take the results back to her to check over.

I can suggest a good clinic for that in San Isidro too if you need it...there are two I have gone to ..both very professional...clean and good equipment.

Clinica de la Mujer / Dra Bernardino
Av. Libertador 16.606 / San Isidro
Tel: 4742-0205 / 4743-7855

**receptionists don't speak English


RogueTango said:
can someone please tell me ho much it costs to see these people without insurance?
I went to Dra. Rossi today for a colposcopy, and she did a pap, too. She's wonderful. We spoke only in Spanish, but she made sure to thoroughly explain everything so I would understand. I didn't feel rushed.. it was a good overall experience.

The consult and colposcopy were $100 total, and the pap was another $40, without insurance (pesos, of course). Very reasonable if you ask me!


Liliana Rossi rocks! She is really cool. I contacted her through this forum and she really is as good as everyone is saying. She is very caring and understanding. Really happy I went with her :)


I just wanted to chime in about Dra. Rossi--I went to her based on the rec's in this forum, and she is the first of four gynocologists who I have seen here who I want to go back to! She took her time with me, made sure that I understood everything that she was doing and why. Additionally, because I didn't have insurance and needed a vaginal ultrasound she called around to a couple of clinics and asked about special prices. Fabulous bedside manner aside, she seems to really know her stuff! I'm so glad I found her, thanks ladies!


Hey gals - can any of you also recommend a wonderful gynecologist who takes Galeno (azul)? I've looked up a lot of the names already given here, but no luck finding them in my booik so far. It'll be my first visit to a gyn here, so I'm a little nervous about finding someone good. :)

thanks in advance! :)


My gyno is Liliana B. Rossi too, and I can highly recommend her too.
I have friends living in Belgrano and Barrio Norte that are still going to Caballito cause they won`t change her.


I think it´s hilarious because it seems all expat women are going to Liliana Rossi!!!

I went about a month ago (based on Forum recs, THANK YOU FORUM LADIES!!!) and I am going back today for a followup -- I thought she was fantastic -- she used this camera thing that displays on a television during the Pap that my Gyno in the States never even used. She also suggested changing my pills, gave lots of info, suggested followup tests, etc.

The only downside is having to go to Caballito...