ferry ride


Sep 10, 2005
Since I can stay in Bueno Aires for only 90 days, can I then take the ferry to Colonia, Uruguay for the day, return, and get another 90 days?
Also, I just bought a one way air ticket to Buenos Aires....is this okay? I plan on telling them the truth, that I plan to exit the country via ferry to Uruguay...is this enough?
Should I also have a bank statement showing my balance and that I have anough $ to exit their country?
Thanks for your help.
I cant answer all your questions....but, I used to do that: cross over to Uruguay to extend my stay for another 3 months. But, I did it for my car....so I could still legally drive it. As a person, if you go past the 90 days, they just give you a ticket for about 50 pesos (unless its gone up)....no big deal.
I was pretty sure that if you buy a one way ticket, the airline will not let you board the plane unless you have evindense of some permanent residense....so find out before you leave!
regarding one-way tickets, you can also check
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