Gaddafi may be couchsurfing at Chavez's tonight


Apr 27, 2009
just heard it on the news..reports are that Gaddafi has left Lybia & is headed to Venezuela right now.
Hi Elhombre...I have no real sources other than Aljazera & various reports on forums & far as I know it has not been confirmed as I may have jumped the gun... I have been following all afternoon. We'll see...

Edit: I heard a live telephone conversation/interview on from tripoli to Aljazeera - by a person on the ground there that Gaddafi has fled the country & was now heading towards Venezuela.

elhombresinnombre said:
This would not surprise me but at the time of writing neither Aljazeera nor the BBC are saying this. What's your source?
...just heard it again on Al Jazeera...Gaddafi's on a plane to Venezuela right now...I think this time he's definitely fled the country...the latest news on this Lybia situation is that two fighter jets have defected to Malta (landed there) & one high ranking Lybian officer has sought asylum there.

What incredible times we are living in.

Cristina will soon have another friend to go & visit at Chavez's place.
Pardon my cynicism but I look at these revolutions as part of something more sinister and part of a grander plan that is in place for the New World Order.

Be aware very aware.......
There are two threads with the same name (the other in World Politics). This thread should be locked IMHO.
My guess is Hugo doesn't speak Arabic and Momo no habla. I guess they'll communicate in English. We'll see who out-bores the other.
I would think he'd be a welcomed guest, as his being on the lam has upped the price of crude.

Now wouldn't it be something if this uprising trend spread to Chavez-land? It may begin with their personal translators! :D
dutara said:
Now wouldn't it be something if this uprising trend spread to Chavez-land?

Given that he wins every election with a landslide I would say that would be impossible. And CIA already tried to overthrow him in a coup.