Gaddafi may be couchsurfing at Chavez's tonight

Napoleon said:
I see this a little differently.
Cristina has tried to fashion herself as the NEW EVITA.
This is just Chavez fashioning himself as the NEW PERÓN.

Chavez aspires to be the next Fidel, assuming the mantel of leader of the people's revolution in Latin America. Aspirations of greatness. He ranks among those most anxious to see the old guy croak. If both Hugo and Rafael outlive Fidel, it'll be interesting to see what plays out between the two. Personally I see him as more of a Mussolini than a Fidel.

Back before Obama was inaugurated I said that if he initiates any new military actions it would be with Venezuela for some sort of terrorist collusion with an Eastern Hemisphere country, such as Iran.

Any rumors of demonstrations in Havana?

I think we have not heard the end of Egypt by any means. The old guard is re-branding itself, just a matter of time before there will be another uprising to get rid of them.

So who's next? Morocco, Algeria, Saudi (!), Oman?
Gotta say that Fidel guy is amazing. I mean when you think about the fact that they have been talking about this guy since the Eisenhower administration (which most people on the Web cannot tell you when that it's kind of amazing.

Of course, ruling over Latins baking in the hot sun is not so tough. Bring plenty of curvy Latinas, a little free rum, some fresh seafood and a guitar and you could pretty much conquer most of the Latin Caribbean
Let's see how this bad movie goes now. How will this affect the situation in Bahrain & Yemen?
War is not a movie, we know that..but there has to be a counter balance against this mass murderer's plans to decimate those who call for a change to democracy.
Reports are that the colonel has headed for greener pastures, maybe he will be surfing in Caracas after all.