Getting Ripped Off.


Dec 28, 2006
I read on this site people being ripped off here in BsAs. Sure I got ripped off for a few pesos but in the U.S. I get Ripped Off big time. It's not the local merchant it's Citibank it's WaMu it's Qwest it's the health care system ............... there are not enough dots. If you complain and tell them to shove it they F... up your credit rating so you meekly take it in the ass, Ya basta. I'm ready to cash out and go live in a cash economy. The only problem is I got great medical coverage there in the U.S.
Don babeGot ya! We all get ripped in one way shape or form wherever we go. It is life.The difference in the postings here are that they are recountings of personal assaults. And they happen - everywhere - in every city - in every country. This is a forum about living in Buenos Aires and members are telling their experiences to help safeguard others - not to do anything else - just help keep people safe and aware so that they can lead happier lives, have good experiences here and enjoy life in this lovely country. A country that I happen to call MY HOME. Gracias DIOS.