Girl's Meet up on Sunday


Aug 11, 2007
Hola Girls
I see nobody posted about our coffe/brunch/meeting for this Sunday. What's the plan? Any suggestion?
Hi.....i think it is great idea to combine our meeting with the brunch on Sunday. more people!
What does everybody else think???
Girls, the brunch thing is on Sunday 9! Not for this Sunday, ok? Vote for a place for this Sunday 2nd.
hello everybody, i´m a newbie to the site but i´ve been in BA now for almost 2 months. I´m American, 23, and just wondering how old are the women in the group who meet up on Sunday afternoons? I´d love to come to the one this sunday, just need to know where and when!
HiI'll be along on Sunday too, I missed last week. Sorry I can't think of anywhere to suggest to meet though, this place in Palermo is great ( but kind of small if a lot of people turn up. Galalita, you seemed to know a lot about good places to go in Buenos Aires, can you recommend somewhere?

Paintgirl, I would estimate that the girls are between 25 - 35 (but I am terrible at guessing peoples ages and its kind of rude to ask..)
Is there really is an age limit in the "Girl's Meet up on Sunday" group?
oh im sure there is no age limit, i was just wondering if there would be other people more or less my age