Girl's Meet-up this Sunday


Apr 5, 2007
Any recommendations for a cool little cafe for this Sunday's meet-up at 3pm?
This is an opportunity for women to meet other women as well as getting to know different parts of the speak up and don't be shy.
I will be there, too. Thanks to those who keep us organized!

Would anyone be interested in a mani/pedi girls get together at a salon before or after coffee? I don't know the area, so I would need some suggestions on where to go if anyone is interested.
Sound´s like fun, unfortunately have no time for the mani/pedi.
See you all Sunday 3pm at BAr 6!
Hola la Girls,
BAR 6 IS CLOSED ON SUNDAYS. I just called them to check. But I have another idea on the area.

Take Note and say yes or no.
Gorriti 5870It's been a while for me without visiting the Palermo area so I definitely will look around after coffee like we did in Chinatown. I don't know any pedi place in the area, if you're still in the mood after maybe we can do it.
You can see some pictures here

It's nice, good food, different, oh well.

See ya, girls.
How about Persicco on Migueletes? They have great coffee, teas and pastries. Prices are reasonable for 3pm tea or coffee.