Hie .......Young black woman living in Recoleta ,looking to make friends.....

African queen

Jul 5, 2009
Hie ,I am a 23 year old African woman living in Buenos Aires ,Recoleta .I have been living here for half a year now and loving Buenos Aires,although I believe that with a few freinds around it could be more fun.........Keep in touch and Holla at me if you are interested............xoxoxo
I am a part Italian part American Black woman due to visit BA on 7 & 8 July. I would love to meet for a drink or get together. Let me know how to contact you. We will arrive on the Delta flight from Atlanta on Tuesday and leave Wednesday evening.


p.s. find and friend me on facebook (stephanie walski)
African queen said:
Hie ,I am a 23 year old African woman
Hie... what country are you from in Africa?

I know some people from South Africa... though they're all white except for Isaac. And then I know a lady who was born in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and a guy from Egypt, though I'm not sure if he's still in town.

I am a little older bald white man. There are lots of people in this city. Get outside the apartment and make a friend a day. Then 6 months from now you can post about being an African woman who's been here a year and has 182.5 friends.

Good luck.

PS- I know a girl who was down here last year who is named Stephanie, is "black", but she is American. However her parents are from Ghana, so she might have dual citizenship. But most definitely she is not half Italian and her last name is not Walski. She is on Facebook though.